My First Day...

  • Hi all,

    Good day to you. This is Divya and I have joined this community recently. I was referred to this website through one of the past year Champion and today is my first day in the program.

    I am really enthusiastic and eager about my 12 week plan and hope I get lot of support from all of you.

    A small introduction about me

    I am from India and I live in Dallas right now. I weight 270 pounds right now. My age is 25.

    I came to US in the end of January only and so new to this place as well. In past two months I have lost about 13 pounds but that was just through dieting and minimum exercise. After reading all your transformations I got really inspired. I hope I will post my progress frequently.

    For past few weeks I have already tired my hands on weight traning but not very systematic.I am giving it a go this time.

    I am really excited and hope to make great friends here.I have body fat more than 60% and that is my first goal to reduce.I don't take meat but have compromised to take Chicken alone. Eggs I can have. So what kind of protein can I take.

    Can anyone suggest me if I must use protein shakes to compensate for my Protein intake?

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • Great to meet you, Divya!

    I always find it exciting when people begin their BFL journey- I wish you luck!

    The BFL community forum is always a great place to go- I try to make it here atleast once a day to get and give encouragement. The people on here are wonderful.

    You mention you don't eat meat but are willing to make an exception for chicken- are you a vegitarian?

    Some alternate protein choices are:

    cottage cheese, egg whites, greek yogurt, protein shakes and also protein powders (which are great for making milk shakes with).

    Remember to eat about 20 g's of protein and carbs and get your water in!

    It will also help to read the Body For Life book for the details.

    Best of luck!!


    Stacy Lynn

  • Hi Stacy,

    Thanks for the first reply. It is really great to get a reply so fast. I stopped eating meat for past 8 months just I thought it is a bad habit. I am still in dilemma if I have to start it again or not.

    Yes I am going through the book again and again.

    For protein powders, I am considering Myoplex based on the website. If there is anyone who used it, can you give me what I must buy ? provided that I want to lose body fat and gain muscle.

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • I think the myoplex lite... 20 gr. carb and protein plus tons of vitamins.. They dont taste bad either. you can get packets of powder or readymade.Ive been using them and I like them alot....Do you not eat any meat or is shrimp or fish an option? Good luck... I am day 11 and look forward to seeing ur changes!!!!


  • Thanks try2bfit75.. i am not getting myoplex lite in CVS pharmacy nearby. where can I try them.. no i dont eat shrimp or fish.. Even chicken I am having second thoughts..

    I am in my day 4.. I have decided to write journal everyday so that it would be awesome to read end of 12 weeks..

    I too look forward for the transformation of everyone here..

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan