WK 4 Complete...! Full Speed Ahead...!! Update w/ Pics :-)

  • OK folks... at the end of my third week I received an email from the BFL crew with a standard motivational message, a few suggestions, and some insight into what is lying ahead... Let me tell ya... even though my mind was racing, my dominant thought was "BRING IT ON!!!" I am soooo ready to change my life completely and live with a body, mind, and soul of the person I truly aspire to be.

    One of the lines in the message said to try on an article of clothing that might not have fit before... well... I did just that and when I looked over at my wife and said "I need a new hole in my belt" we both laughed... she said "you said that like it was a problem" ... Oh... which reminds me... she is also participating in the challenge with me. Although she is struggling with the scale weight (up, down, repeat...) we both see the difference in photo comparison and clothing. To be quite honest, we aren't 100% concerned with scale weight...and our true gauge is how we feel... AND WE FEEL GREAT! only 4 weeks in and we are able to get out of bed without a problem, eating has become so easy and routine, our gym experience has been enlightening, and we've even spilled our enthusiasm over onto our children! They are eating healthier and making better choices. YAY FOR TEAM LEWIS :-)

    So... I've dropped 12lbs total in scale weight... and I have been very focused on a few health issues including my scoliosis... So I've added a few modified exercises  that should help straiten my spine, I am doing all I can to stand up straight when I walk, and I've even made a conscious effort to get up from the desk from time to time :-) I even rode my bike to work last Friday... WHAT A CHORE... even though it was only about 4 miles form home. 

    Now for some photos... I will only post mine at this time, because I have not received permission from the Mrs. 

  • OH... and I've also decided... I REALLY NEED A TAN :-)

    and no... your eyes are not playing tricks on you... my wife and I painted the room that we used to take photos in.

  • Holy crap!  Big difference and it is only week 4?!?  Can't wait to see your 12 week pics!  Great progress!

  • You're not playing around huh! Good job.

  • Wow!  You look great!  You can really see a difference - keep it up!

  • Would like to point out...... it is not just obvious you are on the roll weight wise, but do you notice how much better your whole body posture is? ..... its like your back is straightening out into the healthy curviture it should have. Muscle or confidence be the reason... doesn't really matter, right? Way to go.

  • Thanks guys... Like I've said, a couple medical reasons are a huge part of why I am changing my life and my body... My back being one of them and my knees being another (among others)... I have not had many photos taken of me in the last few years, and when I saw our before photos on the computer, I knew I had to do something... Being a desk jockey has its downfalls!

    I have added exercises for my back that are specific for the spine... and I am watching my posture like crazy... for four weeks I have been doing my best to stand up straight, and walk with my chest out, rather than my shoulders hunched over. That's a chore within itself :-) Also, my abs are becoming stronger, which I've heard will help with poor posture and my scoliosis.

    By the way... The first day of my 5th week has been my BEST EXERCISE DAY TO DATE!!! I poured more sweat onto that gym floor than I ever have!! and I walked like a duck back to the car :-) AWESOME!!

  • I was just a out to say what  Schattenreich said, Your posture has improved completely!!! Wow and way to go huge results in such a short span of time!! Keep it up!

  • Wow, You really have made some serious progress in losses (body fat) and gains (tone and muscle). Be sure to continue on your current path and I sure you will see more in the near future during your challenge. Congrats on your current achievements seen in the photos posted and Keep Moving Forward!!

  • You look great!!  Keep up the good work!

    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • You look 5 years younger! great job!!!

  • Great job you look great, onwards and downwards

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • Yea, for a week 4, that's ridiculous. Imagine yourself at week 12! :O

  • You look great, keep up the good work!

  • Great job!