Start of Week 3

  • I started out super strong and last week on one or two days, LIFE got a hold of me and I missed a workout and had one night where I had a free meal.  Unfortunately, I still had my free day yesterday.  I felt so crappy this morning, like I had completely fallen off the wagon after only 2 weeks but I quickly came on here and read some of your posts and decided that these were minor slip ups and I still have a whole 10 more weeks to go.  So I straightened up my eats and my workout schedule and am going strong again.  I decided in the beginning that I was going to check in with measurements at the end of every three weeks so hopefully when I do that at the end of this week, my slip ups will not have impacted my results too much. 

    So without you even knowing it (or you probably do!), thank you for whipping me back into shape with all your motivational posts out there!!  :-D




  • Thats right, Jessica!

    The results will NOT be dramatic... if you notice at all.

    Sometimes LIFE does interrupt our meals and plans and the important thing to do is to deal with them when they come in a healthy way and jump back on track.

    Proud of you for straightening yourself out afterwards and not giving up!

    Stacy Lynn