July 1/2 TEAM ROCKET.. where are you? 5/84

  • It is day 5-

    Where is our team?????? We had so many want to start, but the responses on the daily threads are not there....

    What is going on???

    I am doing great- eating on plan and ready for my UBWO!

    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • It has been kind of a crazy week for me personally but I've been getting my workouts in.  Had to mix it up a little due to my gym being closed yesterday but its manageable.  

    Good on you for eating on plan (because I'm haven't been)  It is tough to get rid of all the junk food when nobody else in the house wants to.  It will actually be easier when I can get back to work.

    Anyways keep up the good work Amy and everybody else that started with us.  Even if you misstep just get right back on track.  Don't let one missed workout or meal derail your goals.

  • Day #4 for me and the wife and have been sticking to the plan :) .... Yesterday was tough with all the temptations but stuck to it...

  • Still here!

    Late night watching fireworks with the family, but hit the trail hard this morning.  My legs are killing me! I think I am going to do some stretches tonight to try and work some of the stiffness out.

    Keep it up guys! Do not lose sight of why you started in the first place. If you work at it, you will get results!

  • Still here as well! Been working some 10 hour days (including yesterday), finally getting some reprieve this afternoon.

    I decided to make yesterday my Free Meal Day since the gym was closing at 2 and I had to get some stuff done on my cars as well as some design work. Plus I knew I was going to want a cocktail at my friend's BBQ! The day overall wasn't bad; I stuck with the eating until 7 when I went to my friend's. Then I had 1 scoop of potato salad, 1 scoop of baked beans, a hot dog, and a margarita. The only thing that made me feel gunky was the hot dog... I generally eat uncured meats (no nitrites or nitrates) but I have a feeling, literally, that the hog dogs weren't all-natural.

    Also, I started a blog: epichealthytime.tumblr.com

    LBWO tonight! Cardio on Tuesday kicked my butt. Taking 6 weeks of active rest was apparently a bit too much; I was exhausted by the end and could really feel the hard work in my legs. Might be on the exercise bike tomorrow after Lower Body.

  • Sorry guys.  I did great on day one, okay on day two and then totally fell off the horse!  Then he stepped right on me!  I am planning to start back on next Monday.  Gonna stock up the cabinets tomorrow with yummy good stuff.  No excuses, even though I could go on for days.  I am so proud of you guys that are doing your best.  Way to go!  Keep it up!  Don't slow down, or I might just catch up!  lol

  • Hi Team,

    My week has gone well. I was a little off on the 4th but decided this was OK. I easily could have binged and didnt't. I'm off to the gym in just a while.

    Maybe it would be better not to start a new thread every day?  This way those of us who subscribe through email don't have to login  everyday. Unexpected emails really helped me stay on track last time and I don't always have time to login first thing in the morning. You can adjust your setting to display the latest  response first if that's an issue.

    Have a great BFL day.

  • ehhhhh ;D

  • Day 5 started out great, got to the gym at 6am for UBWO, had a great spinning class last night and the body is not so sore anymore... time to push harder now on the workouts.

    Keep it up everyone...

  • Hey everybody-

    Keep it up and don't let go! I did my cardio this morning- I am doing things a bit differently in that aspect as I am getting ready for my first 5k. I did however use the last 2 minutes to really go all out.  

    I hope you guys have a good free day. LEt your body rest and recuperate for next week.

    Hope you guys have a good weekend.  

  • Hey all... think I might delay my true "Start Date" to Monday, July 16. My schedule got ridiculous with two jobs + volunteer work + 3 days of racing cars next weekend, so all that interfered with my workouts. My husband pretty much dropped out immediately (day 3). I had a long talk with him about making the decision within himself (he is approaching 40 and not fit at all, and it's starting to show, not in weight but overall health... I really want him to do this with me). If he decides to do it, he needs to be in it 100% and not inhibit our progress with "Let's go to the gym later.... Nah, now I don't feel like it."

    So for the next 2 weeks, I am spending that time getting back in the groove and amping up. I've always eaten pretty clean so that hasn't been an issue (though I had a lapse over the 4th and 5th, mostly in the realm of margaritas). Thankfully I haven't backslid much since I finished Challenge #1 on May 22... I woke up this morning and ran 3.7 miles in 35 minutes, a personal best! So that felt great and was the kind of positive charge I needed to feel better about picking this back up on the 16th.

    I'll still keep up with Team Rocket in the meantime, everyone go out there and kill it!

  • Hello All...

    Starting week 2 today... week 1 went great. Lost a total of 6 pounds and 1 1/2 inches on my belly. Great LBWO this morning and am ready for week 2...

    Lets keep up the good work....

  • Good for you gavinr98.  Glad you are seeing changes so quickly.

    Todays cardio went well for me. I am still in the game! Hope everybody else is still sticking with it!

  • Starting week 3 today... Anybody left in the challenge?

  • Starting week #4 today... Guess I am the only one left in the group. What happened to everyone?