Beginning 6th week already!!

  • I just started my week 6 today- I still haven't taken my week 4 pics- I lost the battery to the camera and found it just the other day. 

    Clothing still feel tight, mentally, I am GLAD to be out of weeks 5 and 6- they were so hard for me mentally- eating right and finding the energy to get up in the morning and run/ weight train. 

    Here's what I've been up to:

    I don't go to a gym- I use free weights and my hubby's bull up bar. My biggest weight is 15 lbs, though I think I might pick up a 20 today on the way home from school.

    My arms look more defined and so does my back side (YES!!) I don't think I have lost too much off my belly. 

    I just measured myself for the first time mid last week (I dropped the ball there) and will be taking measurements from now on every weekend. 

    Who else in in their 6th week?
    How are you doing?
    Noticing changes?

    Do more people go to the gym or stay at home like me?

    Please write back! I like to hear from others on the same week as me.



    Stacy Lynn

  • Hi,

    I too started my 6th week today. Weighed myself and only down 2.4 pounds total :(  I feel like I'm smaller/tighter but no big changes. I have lost about a half inch on my waist, hips and thighs. I do go to a gym to work out, but do my cardio (running) outside. Sometimes the working out gets to me, like thinking about getting up early in the cold and running, ugh! I do like how I feel when I'm done though. I have been working out so hard, it's exhausting. Anyway, I'm sticking to the program and hope to have great results at the end. Just wish I could see them now, would help with the motivation. Let's just hang in there and think positive :)

  • WHEY TO GO!! YOU ARE HALF WHEY THROUGH!!! Keep it up team!! Woop!

    YOUR FIRST NAME IS VIC! Is Your last name Tim or Tor? by: Michael Harris 2/22/2008

    When you got up this morning, you had a choice, one which you made by your actions if not in your mind, to live one of two different roles for that day. Everyone does it, though some end up playing both roles in the same day, depending on how they handle circumstances.

    WHat am I talking about? Well, you can live each day playing the role of VICTIM, or VICTOR. THese two words, with the first four letters exactly the same, end with two different letters that make all the difference in the world.

    If you choose to live as a victim, you will decide to depend on the pity or sympathy of others instead of looking at your circumstances and asking for strength to change those you can and serenity to live with those you can’t.

    If you choose to live as a victim today, you will be super sensitive and always questioning the motives of what others are doing, or what is behind what they are saying, instead of taking them at face value and choosing to believe the best about others.

    If you choose to live as a victim today, you may find yourself taking up offenses for others, feeling sorry for yourself, and being envious of what others have, instead of forgiving those who wrong you and leaving it up to others to forgive those who wrong them, instead of believing the best about yourself, and instead of being thankful for all that everyone has, understanding that what they have does not mean that you can’t get the same thing some day.

    Choosing victim rather than victor today means you cannot win, that you can only lose all power you had to others. It means that those others who will pity you for a while will desert you when you become a burden, and that no one will ultimately care that you grow lonely, sad, and bitter. Because you chose victim, you will be unable to taste and experience the true joy of victory over selfishness, and the true joy that giving to others will bring you.

    The hardest part of all this, of course, isn’t making the RIGHT choice. It’s understanding that YOU HAVE THAT CHOICE! That knowledge comes from always beginning each day with the right actions, and then the right thoughts will follow. The first action? If you are a person of faith, it should probably be hitting your knees before you hit your feet!

  • Hi All!

    I am also at the beginning of my 6th week.  It is a tough week as far a motivation goes. I work out from home using free weights and do my cardio on a treadmill.  I exercise first thing in the morning right after my kids leave for school.  I have had to exercise later in the day only twice and it was really hard to get motivated.  I have lost 4lbs which is less than I had hoped but am staying the corse and hoping for the best.  I am confident that the best is yet to come!

  • Today is also my first day of week 6. I'm working out at home with free weights, resistance bands and a bike. I'm not SEEING a lot of results either. Even though the scales are down 10 lbs. I'm not seeing results anywhere else. I've read on here though that week 8 is when (ladies especially) will see results.

    Keep motivated. We're only half way through. Keep at it and we'll soon be seeing the results we want and have worked so hard for. Just keep setting and reviewing weekly goals.

  • Today is the first day of week 6 for me also. I have to say that I haven't lost any lbs at all and my belly still look pretty much the same. I'm getting pretty discourage all day today but hoping that this 8 weeks miracle is going to happen to me too. I do see muscles definitions on my arms but that's pretty much it. Maybe i'll feel better tomorrow. I don't have that much weight to lose though, so that might be it too. I don't know.

    Oh, i do free weights at home too but do cardio at the gym or just the workout dvd. I have a 17 months old baby so I wake up before him to finish my weight trainning but on cardio days, I wait for the nanny to come. I use 5, 8, 10 and 12 lbs weight so far and been feeling the burn, Somehow soon i'll have to get a heavier set. This week I couldn't really run cuz' i injured my feet so I did elliptical and bicycling instead but feel like running is the best cardio for me. I'll keep trying and won't give up though cuz' no matter what, i'm getting stronger and eventually the belly fat is going to melt away soon.

  • Well i am on week 6 day 2. I'm really glad to see what you guys are saying, its about the same for me. I am down 3 lbs on the scale and have lost a 1/2 in all around. I have to say i feel so much STRONGER. That is what keeps me going. I'm hoping for this 8 week miracle that everyone talks about.

    Also like most of you guys, i do my workouts at home. Free weights and resistant bands, running and videos for cardio. I hope when we all check in on our 8th and 9th week we have lots of good things to say.