TEAM ROCKET Day 1/84 July 1/2 START

  • Oh I love a bargain!  Good luck while u travel

    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • Also started today as well... breakfast was egg whites and oatmeal, just had a protein shake for snack and will be ready for lunch soon...Turkey Sand on WW bread...  workouts have been planned out for the week so don't have to think about what exercises to do each day. Just need to make my meals the night before as I was a little rushed this morning. Can't wait for my UB workout tonight...

  • Hey Jennifer, My hubby is from Kerrville.  We love the San Antonio area.

  • I was rushed this morning too...  and all day! I am just now sitting down to get some work done (I work from home most of the time). This morning was a total cluster. I didn't go grocery shopping yesterday so when I ran out of time to make breakfast before heading out I held out all morning on one piece of plain wheat toast. Not good. I met my husband for lunch and we ate at Garbanzo's, think Chipotle but with Greek food. I did a basic plate of lots of veggies, white meat chicken, and a little hummus. Ate only 1/2 the pita to keep the carbs under control. Now finishing off a can of tuna and some frozen grapes. Tonight I am grilling some top sirloin steak with fresh bell pepper and onion, sauteed kale with garlic, and maybe some quinoa for a carb. Husband and I are hitting the gym later tonight for UBWO... it will be my first upper body workout in 4 weeks! Anticipating some soreness tomorrow. I can't wait for HIIT cardio tomorrow. When I started my first Challenge, I HATED running. Now I can run for 6 miles easily at a 9:45 min mile pace; it's amazing how our bodies adapt!

    Hope everyone else is having a good start to the week!

  • Hello everyone in Team Rocket.  I started my second challenge yesterday as well and would love to be a part of this team if possible.  I just finished my first challenge last week and decided  to dive right into this one since the first one was so awesome!!  I didn't chat with a lot of people through the first process though and I thought it might be nice to be a part of a community where I can share my experiences and maybe get a little bit of extra support when times feel tough.  Good luck to all of you and enjoy the next 12 weeks cause if it's anything like my first challenge was they are going to fly by.  


  • Day 1 went great, did exactly as I was supposed to. Day 2 is off to another great start, this time I was prepared and ready to go... only problem on day 1 was the gym was really busy and did not feel that I got the best UBWO possible (too much waiting around for the weights and benches), going to have to try and wake up earlier and hit the gym in the morning.

  • Hello,

    This is my 2nd go around . 1st time 14 years ago,  fell off the routine and just kept slipping ...

    it is hard but soooo worth it . Stick to it, by week 8 is when you finally see results day after day.

    I went from 25 percent body fat to 15 percent.

    the food site most difficult being organized for me .

    Having this community really helps . I did it with a friend so we kept each other accountable , it was great .

    Have a great week:)


  • Hi!

    For those in the US, happy 4th!

    Day 2 went great, I am tweaking the interval system slightly for now as I am 3 weeks away from my first 5k. I have been training for it for 2 months and was able to go 20 minutes of running. For me, that is just miraculous, I never thought I could get there.

    Hope day 3 goes well for everyone, and that you keep the end goal in mind.

    Remember, if it isn't challenging, it won't be changing.