TEAM ROCKET Day 1/84 July 1/2 START

  • Good Morning!

    Here we go!

    My first meal is done, I am gonna do UBWO in an hour.  

    Lets get this thing done.

    How r u today???


    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • Hey Amy.  I'm Terri-Lynne from NC.  I want to lose 20 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle.  I have two teenage daughters that are in college.  I am trying to get my husband on board, but he is not all in, so I am counting him out so he won't drag me down with him.  My Body for Life Journal starts tomorrow, so today I am getting my workout material together.  We are headed out of town and will be eating out most meals except breakfast.  I am going grocery shopping tonight when we get to our destination and buying b-fast foods and snack - fruit, low-fat cottage cheese etc...  I found the journal at goodwill for $1.20 and very excited about that.  Our local library had the actual book, so I have been really digging into it this weekend and have the basics, but need to fine tune the workouts.

  • Terry my hubby had a great transformation in 2008.  This morning I asked him to work out and he said " I don't work out"

    then he went to burger king.  So I know he will not be much support.

    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • Hi Amy and Terri-Lynne! I'm starting tomorrow, July 2 with my husband. Would LOVE to join Team Rocket!

    This is my 2nd full Challenge, 3rd overall (1st, in 2011, got derailed after about 7 weeks). My finished Challenge was completed on May 22 and I feel awesome, but in the past several weeks I have completely fallen off the workout wagon. Apparently I need more than 12 weeks to really establish good habits and solid internal motivation. And my husband is finally on board! He is one of those "skinny fat people"... very thin (probably < 10% body fat) but not very fit in the general sense. This is my way of pushing him into the gym because I am tired of him complaining that his back hurts or that he's tired all the time, AND I'll have a workout buddy!

    Quick info on me: I am 30, live in Colorado (almost everyone here is CRAZY fit), my husband and I have 3 cats and 2 dogs, I work as a freelance software developer and graphic/web designer and my husband is an ex-chef turned web developer. We're doing all of our workouts first thing in the morning; it's so great to start the day feeling accomplished! :)

    If anyone has questions regarding anything about the process gimme a shout. I can also give great recommendations for recipe ideas, meal plans, nutrition, etc. Food is a huge passion of mine and I have built up a large knowledge base on that in the past several years. My last "breakfast of freedom" was today: Bacon and french toast. Tonight, I am grilling wild-caught salmon and having that with sauteed kale and grilled russet potatoes and zucchini squash. I stopped doing the Free Day and started doing only a Free Meal halfway through my last Challenge... I would recommend it if you have the inner resolve. I found that Free Days really wrecked my system and inhibited my progress. Having a Free Meal really kept all of that in check. I also figured out how to cook a lot of workarounds for cravings (turkey sausage, veggie + chicken cheeseless pizza, 1-yolk garlic aioli, cottage cheese pancakes, sugar-free fruit sorbet, epic salads, etc).

    Terri-Lynne where in NC do you live? I lived in Raleigh for about 2 1/2 years, really enjoyed it out there but Colorado is my home so I dragged my husband (NC native) back here with me. I really miss the beach, and fresh fish! We used to fly power kites at Fort Macon State Park and go fishing off the in-law's dock that went right out into the sound. Ahhhh....

  • I'd like to join this team if I may? I'm starting today, My breakfast was my oatmeal recipe, Lunch was some cold salad with pomegranate seeds and popcorn. Supper was grilled pork with vegetables.  I'm starting the insanity workout tomorrow. I currently weigh 174.4 pounds and am 5'6". My goal weight is in the low 150's. More important to me is to tone my mid section and get from a 37" waist to around 30".

  • Hi lulady! Sounds like you are starting on a good eating plan and have some solid, and attainable, goals. I am in the low 150s and 5'6" and it feels awesome.

    Visible tone in your midsection will have a lot more to do with body fat % than anything. For women, you won't start seeing visible abs until you get at or below 20% total body fat. Your waist should definitely drop, though that mid-section fat is stubborn as anything. I lost 3" off my true waist (narrowest part) and 2 1/2" off my wearing waist during the 12 weeks. I'm hoping to drop another 2" off my wearing waist, which would put me around a Size 6.

    Also, I am curious, what was everyones' Decisive Moment?

  • Room for another??  My name is Tim and I am in Indiana. M and 45.  I have taken my pictures and started over a number of times, but I am not stopping this time.  Look forward to having a group to keep up with.  I want to lose about 30 pounds, but more than that I want to get off my BP medicine.  Good luck everyone!

  • Hi, I just wanted to check in real quick.  I'm Josh and I plan on starting the challenge tomorrow as well.  It just seems easier to start on a Monday for some reason.  Started the challenge several times before but have never made it past 3 weeks.  I've also never spent any time on this forum so hopefully this time I can stick to it for 12 weeks.

    A little about me - I'm 29 married with three children, 4, 3, and 1 month.  Live in Nebraska where I currently serve in the Air Force.  I've always passed my fitness tests but that just means I can make myself run 1.5 miles under 13 minutes, it certainly doesn't mean that I am in good shape.  So i hope to lose 35lbs and build some muscle.  

    Finally I hope to keep up with this forum and provide some encouragement and support, i'm sure I will need it as well, to everybody else starting this challenge with me.

  • Good Morning Team Rocket!  I am off to an early start this am.  I would like to have exercised before b-fast, but we are in a hotel and I felt uncomfortable going down to the gym at 5 am.  We started off with the Egg-White Omelet and toast.  I must say, I am stuffed!  I plan to exercise around 9 this morning in the hotel gym.  I bought my groceries for the next couple of days last night and I think we are all set.  My hubby works out of town and I travel with him every other week.  This is our week in the big hotel.  Thank goodness it has a full kitchen and a gym!

    Hey MWSeaHorse!  We actually live about 20 minutes north of Raleigh, Right outside of Wake Forest.  We love it here.  I am originally from Western NC and my hubby is from Texas.  He calls NC home now too (after 21 years, he better!)

    The main support I need today is that we typically eat out either for lunch or dinner.  Today it will be dinner.  I want to plan ahead each night in my journal, but it seems difficult when I am not sure exactly where my husband may want to eat as well.  Right now I am just putting down portion of lean meat, rice or potato, and steamed veggies.  

    Before last night, I was worried about getting in enough protein on BFL.  After I had filled out my journal last night, I went back and calculated the protein.  I was at 150 grams +/- for dinner.  WOOT!  Don't guess that is a worry now.  I didn't realize how much protein was available in things like cottage cheese and tuna.

    Hope everyone has a very positive day!

  • Hi Everybody,

    I'm Jennifer (46) and I live in Texas outside of San Antonio.  My husband and I are doing the challenge together. I have two sons - one  will be 20 years old this week and the other will be 5!  We did the challenge  in 2009 and were very successful.  We've kinda tried it half-heartedly a couple of times since then. Over the course of the last year, I've become very sedentary and my diet is pretty bad.  Currently,   I'm 5'6" and weigh 154.  I swore I'd never get above 150 again - OOPS.  This is why I've put the 'skids' on and have decided to make this lifestyle change.  

    I'd love to lose 20 pounds of fat and build visible muscle.  Right now the muscles are invisible!  

    We do our workouts at home.  We don't belong to a gym.

    Are you using the online calculators that compare hip to waist ratios to determine body fat?


  • Hey everybody!

    I am starting my round 2 challenge today and am so happy I found a group starting at the same time. I did my first challenge in 2011, did all 12 weeks and was astounded by the result. I lost 30 lbs, 4 sizes and hadn't felt so fit since my ballet days in high school.   But as you all know life happens.  It is now 2012 and life events put a serious halt on things.  I was at the doctors the other day and was weighed for the first time in months and was devestated to find I have gained almost all my weight back.  

    RIght now I am recovering from strep throat and having my wisdom teeth surgically removed, so I am a little daunted by the excercising, but I keep telling myself that if I don't get back on it now, when I have the fire to change, I never will.

    There is always an excuse to not get up and work out. That is the reason why you should.

    I am a teacher, a mom of a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old whom I love dearly, and the wife to an amazing man.  

    Right now my goals are to get back to a healthy weight for my 5'10'' height, to have the energy and stamina where I am not relying on the kid's nap time everyday, and to get the inner me, out and about again.  

    My best friend and I are running our first 5k in 3 weeks, we have been training up for it for about 3 months.

    So if you are wondering if BFL will give you the results you want, I have to tell you from experience- it will! You just get what you put into it.  

    Well my plan for today is to do my UBWO this evening.  We do not belong to a gym, but I have a workout bench that I found by a dumpster several years ago (score!) and several sets of dumbells.  It worked for me before, so I know it will again.

    I look forward to going on this journey again.  Have a blast guys!

  • Hi Team Rocket,

    I am ready to commit to a new challenge today. I am a teacher and since summer began, I have been exercising more but not seen any weight reduction. I did Body for Life a couple of years ago and I'm hoping that by focusing on my eating, I will lose the 10lbs that I have gained since then. I'm off to do bootcamp at my gym.

    Happy Monday!

  • Hey Guys and Girls, hope there is a spot open for another on Team Rocket. Started today and feeling awesome after a hard UPWO this morning.

    Bit more about me im 28 5'10" and have about 35lbs go.

    Looking forward to the journey, take care

  • Hi Amy - I'm Jenni from Maryland.  Started on July 1 too.  I am 42 yrs old, mother of 16 yr old son and 13 yr old triplets - 1 boy and 2 girls.  I was an athlete in high school and let myself go as life happened to me ( I suspect like a lot of us did!).  I am really looking forward to seeing how my body transforms and feeling fit again.  I am 5'10" and currently 235 lbs.  Hoping to remove 20 lbs over the course of the challenge and find my waist again!  More than anything else I love how it feels to just move and not be stagnant.  Day 1 - Upper body was tough and I am adequately sore from it.  Cardio isn't a problem.  We will see how lower body goes tomorrow!  


  • Wow!  We are off to a great start!

    Let's start a new thread each day of the challenge..... who ever is online first!

    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!