Did something silly

  • So it was my daughters 3rd birthday, party food, probably ate my fair share, but didnt go too nuts.

    weighed myself on the morning 93.4kg, down from 100! (YUS!) (and it was my off day!)

    Weighed myself the morning after 97.4KG (WTF!!!?!?!)

    However, looked in the mirror, and I am massive muscly, still got fat to loose but a gain's a gain.

    Does the temporary kilo gain matter?

    I'm only just starting week 6

  • Beware of the constant use of the scale, it's not fully accurate when it comes to judging your true gains, it only weighs your total weight and not your bodyfat or BMI unless it's a special one at that. Use it only as a general tool for guidance but not the rule.