Week 8 progress photos

  • I finished week 8, and I'm feeling great. I've still only managed to lose 2 pounds of scale weight, which has become less important for me. I've gotten a lot stronger and packed on some pounds of muscle. I never have a problem adding muscle when I seriously train, but I'm at a point where I don't care to add any more muscle, I just want to trim more body fat. I'm unsure whether to keep lifting how I've been lifting (very similar to the workouts in the book), or if I need to change something up. Any advice would be welcome. Either way, I'm happy with my progress and I'm excited for more in the weeks to come.

  • Wow!  Great progress!  Good for you!  Can't wait to see 12 week pictures :)

  • Looking great!!

  • Wow, showing some real progress in your efforts so far. Keep Moving Forward. I am sure you can finish this challenge and get even more in the way of results as well. Way to Go So far!!!

  • You are such a great example of why weighing is so not important.  You've definately traded that fat in the middle for muscle definition.  I can tell that you have potential to have some great abs.  I would have guessed that you lost 20+ pounds.  I had my husband look at your pics & guess, and he said 15 pounds.  Push harder than you ever have in these last four weeks, and NO you don't need to change anything up.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Most people see their best results in the final four weeks.  Great job!  Muscles are good; if you build more during the last four weeks, just go with it!!

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  • Thanks to everyone for the positive comments!  They definitely help me stay motivated.

  • congratulations! You look awesome. I can't wait to see your 12 week photos. Keep up the great work


    Your transformation is going GREAT - keep going!

    You should be finishing soon then? Looking forward to seeing your week 12 pictures! :-)

  • Wow, unbelievable this is only week 8!!! Can´t imagine week 12. You look good like this indeed, even if you didn´t build more muscles and I can tell you are going great with your confidence but if you have more, it won´t hurt your selfesteem nor confidence eitherway. Wait for week 12 to decide if anything needs to change in your routine. Right now just focus on finishing what you started! It´s only 4 more weeks.


  • I am amazed and hopeful when I see your week 8 photos.  Simply amazing - let me roll my tongue off the floor...

  • If I weren't doing this program myself and know darn well what it is capable of I would have dismissed your results as impossible to achieve in eight weeks.

    You have done an outstanding job. Spectacular.

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