Taking After Photos

  • Hi everyone! Im in the final week of the B4L program and would really appreciate any tips or suggestions taking your after photos. I feel GREAT, I know I've made tremendous progress however I've been practing taking after photos, what I might wear, lighting, camera settings ect and I can't help but feel somewhat discouraged when I see the photos Im taking. When I see myself in the mirror I see definition, I appear lean and strong. My cell phone really seems to take the best photos lol. But Im not seeing the results when I snap it with my digital. It's 12.1 Megapixel, I've adjusted almost ever setting. But again, I don't see the definition, almost as if I appear bloated or the pictures somewhat disstorted. Is there any tips that might help showcase my results more properly? Lighting, maybe taking it outside? I've been tanning, Im active outside, I feel like I have a good/decent tan. Will a self bronzer or spray tan make that much of a difference??  Does anyone recommend working out prior,, sauana's, maybe taking it first thing in the morning when your tummy's flat and not retaining fluid? Thanks so much everyone! Stay strong and healthy, you deserve it!!

  • The problem is probably not the camera or your tan... but rather the lighting... In the bathroom the lighting is rather full... we like our bathrooms with a lot of light... right :-) your cell phone camera is designed to take photos using every bit of light it can get... even with those wimpy cell phone flashes :-)... anyway, the bathroom lighting is probably casting some nice shadows showing where the definition is on your body... however, as soon as you use a flash from your digital camera, those shadows are filled in making you look flat. Try taking your photo with light casting down on you at about a 45° angle and turn off the flash for your camera. This should work out better for you... but in all honesty, the best photos are going to be taken by a professional with quality hardware.

    Good Luck!

  • I agree with LewisFamily, lighting is huge and having them professionally taken is an awesome idea. One thing I did was had my wife rub baby oil on my skin before the photos (there are "proper" products out there for this) I have also heard of people using pam cooking spray to shine up the skin and really bring out all you got.

    Just a few ideas.

    Be sure and post your photos and share your success story!

  • I agree with Orrin and the Lewis Family, I am having mine done professionally and put on a jpg compressed cd for easy loading as well. THe lighting is a key factor involved as well as the required neutral background that a pro can provide for best results. I you shop around you should be able to find a good deal from an independent photographer to boot. Thanks for the oil suggestion Orrin,  I have to remember that one on my next shoot as well. Keep Moving Forward everyone!

  • Thank you so much!! I practiced taking photos outside with better lighting and they looked soooo much better! Your exactly right, when I didn't use the flash, the pictures looked even better yet.

    Thanks Orrin, I never heard of using cooking sprays, that's actualy a smart idea LOL! I bet it does work! I'll research and try using oil as well.

    Proffessional photos might just be the way to go! I think you guys just talked me into it! LOL

    Thank you all, hope you have a great weekend! I'll be sure to post some photos and shar my success story with everyone! No matter what my appearance is, I just feel so much better, so much more energy and confidence. That was the most important thing for me this challenege and I knew I had to take care of my health first and foremost!

  • Congrats on nearing the completion of your challenge!!!  Feels great to be in that elite 5%, doesn't it.  I did an official challenge in 2010, and did get professional photos done at the end of my twelve weeks.  The pics are on my profile.  I watched carbs pretty closely the last week, and then ate a lot of carbs the day before.  I went for a long run the night before and came home and ate a bowl of sugary cereal.  My pictures were scheduled for the morning, so I just ate two rice cakes with a little bit of peanut butter and some jelly on them.  When I got to the photographers house (he works out of his home), I did some sit-ups and push-ups before the actual shoot.  I tanned for a few weeks before, and spray tanned two days before.  I did use Pam cooking spray (the olive oil kind..be careful not to get the baking kind, or you'll be powdery white..ha).  I noticed in the photos that the spray was not even all over.  I noticed it was thicker in some areas than in others, so just be careful with that.  I have heard of plenty of people using baby oil, as Orrin mentioned.

    Best of luck to you.  Keep us posted.  I will be anxious to see your final pics, as well as your starting pics.  I notice you don't have anything on your profile yet.


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks again everyone. Well... I didn't go with a professional photographer, so there not "perfect' , but overall Im pleased. I went with a light spray tan 2 days prior. No oils or cooking sprays. I uploaded a before and after to my profile BDMom, you'll have to let me know what you think. Thanks again for the support and kind words :)

  • I don't see any pics on your profile....

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Congrats on finishing your final photos, I am sure it wasn't an easy process,  I just had fun taking mine and finally loaded them to my profile just now.  I went with a spray tan but not the oil this time. (maybe next) still I think they turned out all right. When you are getting spray tanned does anyone else feel like a car in a paint booth, just wondering?  Oh, and I did pump up earlier that morning at the gym for a better effect that day and had a great protein lunch with supps to boot. There is a product called Glo Organic Posing oil that I will probably try out next time but found out about it too late this time around. Kudos on your info and posting on this subject! Bes wishes and Keep Moving FOrward!(try putting the photos on again, but be very patient, my lap top crashed twice while trying to do this, do one photo at a time if that helps and then save profile and do your text info last.