15 Days in... minus 10lbs... feelin :-)

  • Fantastic-O...!!!

    15 Days in and I finally hit the broke the 10lb mark...I'm hoping that out of the 1st 10 lbs, a minimal amount of that was water... Regardless...I'm feeling great...! TheBody is starting to feel tighter and muscles feeling more full... I am starting to see some of my veins in my arms... and I can actually walk straight again (LEG DAYS KILL ME!). One thing I noticed in my before pictures was that I appear to be hunched over pretty bad... I showed a friend of mine who is a physical therapist, and he had a fancy word for it... said I had the body of a typical Desk Jockey :-/ I want to work hard to correct that, as I know I've already got pretty bad scoliosis that has plagued me since early childhood. 

    Anyway... Let's Get Our Body On!!! 


  • Awesome Chris!

    Keep up the hard work and consistency!

    Keep us updated with pics of your transformation (and make sure to take them atleast every 2 weeks so you can see your own progress!) so we can also be inspired!


  • chris

    awesome job, i wish i could report the same for me! but thats mostly my fault. anyway keep on keepin on. btw post your pics.

  • way to go Chris, thats some fantastic progress and I wish you the best in your challenge this time Keep Moving Forward as Bill Phillips liked to say.

  • Awesome job!!! Keep up the great work:) I'm on day 18 down 2.5..missed four days of week two. I was on a trip. I was happy that I stayed the same. Stepping it up this week. Not perfect, but improving. Stay strong:)