Day 8

  • Well I have navigated Week 1 of the challenge with a few bumps in the road.  But I think I handled the bumps well and managed to not miss one workout.  With that being said, I jumped on the scale this morning and the scale went up!  But instead of feeling defeated, like I normally do, I seem to realize the bigger picture.  This morning's weight is just a moment in time - chances are if I was to weight myself again the number would be different.  The scale this morning motivated me to get up and start day 8 with as much effort and energy  as I started day 1. 

    I still have not mastered the 6 meals a day  and have a few questions maybe someone can answer...-- the after dinner protein is the one I miss the most....will this matter all that much in the long run?  And the snacks are hard because if not a protein shake what are my options for a protein and carb snack?  Lastly, greek yogurt, I really am not a fan, but would it count as "snack"...due to its protein/carb?

    Off to attempt some lower body today.  Last time I was not too successful since I let my lack of confidence on the gym floor deter I will try harder!

  • Welcome, beachymarse! Yeah, the scale can be a real joker. Between muscle gain and water fluctuations it's easy to have your fat loss masked when you step on the scale. A tape measure like tailors use (you can find 'em at fabric stores or even WalMart) can be a better indicator of progress.

    In general, I think if you're going to miss/skip a meal, the one latest in the day is the best choice for that. For some people it might slow down progress a bit, for others it might make no difference at all.

    I don't know much about snacks since I literally do six meals (actually, five meals plus a protein shake or Myoplex after my workout). My "snacks" and "meals" are pretty much the same stuff. That said, some protein bars make good snacks (you have to watch because some "protein" bars have twice as much sugar as protein - for travel meals I use Premier Nutrition's protein bars normally, and CLIF Builder's bars on church fasting days since they're vegan). Also, if you type "body for life" snacks into Google or Bing you should get loads of ideas (I saw several promising-looking links on the first search page when I tried it).

    I'd never heard of Greek Yogurt before, but after looking it up online it looks like a great snack choice in low-fat or fat-free varieties (non-reduced-fat varieties seem to get almost half their calories from fat). Plain has 2-3 times as much protein as carbs, and even with added fruit most seem to have almost as much protein as carbs. If you're concerned about saturated fats I'd stick with nonfat. Maybe someone who is more familiar with it can chime in.