Marks's Body for Life DAY 84 Challenge 1 complete!!!

  • Unrecognizable!!!! 20 years younger looking!!! Are you sure the before pic isn´t an uncle or so? haha. All in all you are a different man, I am sure on the inside as much as on the outside. Kick butt the second time around too. I am so looking forward to posting my own before and afters too!


  • Amazing transformation! An inspiration to us all.

  • Fantastic transformation - but your transformation is also very noticable (at least to me) in your face.  You look happier, healthier, and more attractive.  If you look at your picture when you started, you look depressed and your face matches your mood, and the gut.  But now (with the change), the nature of your smile has changed as well.   You look confident, happy and proud.  

    Thanks for sharing, I feel that BFI is doing something very similar for me too.

  • Inspirational!

  • Great encouragement for all! You look awesome=) On to more awesomeness!!

  • That is fantastic!  

    I have created a Facebook group called “Body for Lifers!”  The link is…

    We need your experience!

    I just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I would enjoy having an easily accessible group. I would like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated.

    Please come join us!


  • Congratulations to the 2012 BFL winners!  I do have to admit that I'm pretty bummed I was never contacted though.  I am still very grateful for this experience and the feelings I went through last Summer will always be with me.  Best of luck to all of those who are fighting the good fight.  I promise it's worth it in the end.