I'm sorry to admit I never regained my momentum after week 8

  • Hi Everybody:  I am starting round 2 of this program with a different mindset than what I had in challenge1.  I was so into this program than adversity hit me in wk.6.  I was following my program intensely.  My diet was right on-I had lost 13 lbs. of fat by week 6. My attitude was strong and focused.   But what I realized is that my own sister did not want to see me excel in my life, and her negative words really broke my heart.  I'm still working thru it. I never knew that my adversity would come from my own sister-It knocked me off my course.  I completed the workouts but the diet was off .  I started slacking off on the diet because I used food as a comfort and I never regained my momentum.  In the past I would have been drunk over such a severence-but I didn't go there-I ate instead.  I let her break my goals-I wasn't strong enough to work it thru. So I have somewhat come out of this stronger-my body is tight but I know I could have lost more weight.I could have accomplished more!I am healing from such a blow and I just need my heart to catch up to my head.  Congratulations! to all who persevered thru the 12 wks.  I may be down but I am not out!  Onwards to challenge 2!!   Annie     Ontario Canada

  • Annie, thanks for sharing. It takes courage. You are not alone. Many people have been hurt by those close to them.Something I learned a year or so ago is to never take anything personally. People say the hurtful things they say because of how they feel about themselves. Have you heard the analogy of the crabs? When crabs are caught and all placed in a bucket and one of them tries to climb out the others pull them back in. People do that too. They see you being successful and making big positive changes and rather than joining you it is easier for them to try and bring you back down to their level. I am sorry you were hurt. It is painful and not easy to overcome. But you are strong and you realize why you feel the way you do and why you were using food. That is a huge positive! There are many supportive and encouraging people on the forum. This is a good place to post and share and be surrounded with like-minded people. Look out Challenge 2! You are going to rock it! :)

  • Blessings to you Orrin! You are in my prayers!  Annie

  • Hi,

    The best of luck on your 2nd challenge and remeber that all that matters is what you think, if your happy then that is all that really matters and try not people who are probably jealous of your achievements get you down.

    Keep working hhard and imagine how good youwill feel after another 12 weeks.


  • Best wishes and luck on your next Challenge and don't let anyone get you down this time. (I have had some critics but I let them laugh and truck on and then prove them wrong about what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it).Perhaps, they are just jealeous that they don't have the willpower to do what you are doing. Think of it that way when the going gets tough this time around. Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • Hi Everybody:  Thank you for your support!  I know I truly believe in this program.  It's changed me so much over the years-it has challenged me to change my life.  I want so much to truly accomplish this program and to see the results that I have worked so had to acheive.(And I am doing it-one hard step at a time)  A big realization kicked me in my heart. My sister is not part of my support system.  Whatever her motives-Somehow, I am trying to just believe in myself,God, this program-and I am digging down deep to keep moving forward. Yet, I am greiving!  Thank God, that I bought myself a years membership and I am on to round 2!! And I'll keep doing this until I damn well get it right!  Mind, Body, Soul!!!

  • Thanks for the kind comments and Hang in there Annie, way to go on the win win attitude gal!!! Boooyeah!