Four Weeks Progress Photos

  • So wrapped up a whole month! Feel like I'm going strong and happy so far with my results, although there in the middle of week 3 I felt like I was getting fatter! (How could that even be possible considering what we're doing?!) I stopped with the scale, it doesn't even make sense to use considering I'm adding muscle weight, plus... it just wasn't moving! Having said that, I got on it this morning and I broke 190! Which was like a little gift. I haven't skipped or cheated on a single meal and have ONLY drank water (except on my free days, a little wine) and have nailed 95% of my high points and only missed two workouts. I did (admittedly) think my results would be a little more shocking especially knowing how I lived before, but too much too soon is unhealthy so I'm pretty happy. My friends can totally tell too which is nice! What you can't see from these pictures is that my muscles underneath this fat are pretty dang solid, and I'm giddy thinking about how I'll look once this fat melts away! Anyone know how I can transport myself into the future? haha 

    So here's the pictures-- 

    Not too bad, huh? I can see some lifting in my chest! Get rid of the moobs! (ugh!) I look forward to the next month!! Until then!!

  • Looking good piano! Nice progress so far keep it up!!

  • Thanks dude! I appreciate that! In it for the long haul. :-)

  • Keep up the great work Pianoman,  I am sure you will be happy with the end result after the 12 weeks are over and much more confident and full of energy to boot!! Keep Moving Forward!!

  • Thanks Bill!! I'm in it for the duration and beyond.