• Hey everyone, 

    Greetings BFL Community, how are you all?

    I plan on beginning my transformation tomorrow 6/17/2012 or 17/6/2012 for you Americans :) HEHE. Yup that's right my names Sasha, I am 22  and from the Uk, London to be precise. I would like to say a huge thank you to the BFL programme for helping me to open my eyes to something i kept on delaying for far too long, the fire burns strong.

    I wont share my sad stories as quite frankly I'm DONE feeling sorry for myself, I look forward to applying your techniques.

    p.s I am aware that I am not a us contender and therefore understand that I'm not eligible for any prizes and such but hopefully somehow will be allowed to compete for the competitive edge lol. i am also trying to get hold of some EAS supplements but its proving quite difficult, i plan to grab a box of myoplex to help fill out meals, best bet is online i think. if anyone knows where to purchase them in the uk please offer help.

    Anyhow thanks for lifting my spirit BFL, im starting to dream again :) and thanks folks for hearing me out. Off to plan my meals hehe. 

  • Sasha, we're happy to hear you're committed to improving your health, fitness and overall happiness! Be sure to check out: for great resources to help you through your journey. For information on EAS international distribution, go to Best of luck - we're rooting for you!

    ~Morgen, The BFL Team

  • Hi LoveLife,

    Just want to wish you the best for your start with BFL. I had started the journey in 2008, never really committed to it and gave up after 2 weeks.

    Fast forward to 12th July 2012 I have started the program and followed it 100%. I want to say to you that it has (already ) changed my life - I have so much energy / focus / concentration / positivity - my golf game has improved 'tenfold' I have now realised how important Diet & Fitness is and what a difference it really makes (i am now living, not dying!!)

    Anyway just joined on-line and wanted to wish you a great start - stick with it!!



    p.s. UK res, also, pity we cannot enter - have taken a pic so maybe we can share when the 12 weeks are up!

  • Sorry meant 12th June!!!

  • Greetings DB7 and Welcome from all of us to the BFL Team and BFL FOrum.  Be sure to keep us posted on your progress and be sure to ask for help and adivce and support here when you need it as well as on the site given by BFL up above for products and info.  By the way what is the 4th of July known as in UK, our next holidayhere...isn't it  :We finally got rid of them yanks day? (just kidding about that one, but I'm sure some parties were glad to see us on our own, and thanks to John Adams we did re-establish trade with y''all afte that was over too).Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • Hey everyone, and thanks for all your comments. Db7 I'm with ya all the way buddy, however it's not proving as easy as I thought I'm still sorting my diet out but have tried hard to get all 6 meals in. My belly adjusting to the protein as sometimes I'm feeling bloated and a little heavy. As for my training it's going ok but a injure I sustained to my right shoulder a couple years ago is still present, not as bad but definitely feeling fatigue and and slight joint weirdness lol. I plan to really use strict form and move weights in a controlled manner.

    I am still trying to get hold of myoplex but not in any UK stores, will order online. I'm using a meal replacement called musclefuel sts by usn it has 45 g protein and 49 g carbs quite heavy let me know what you think about this mrp?

    I would like to throw out my diet that I had today to hopefully get some feedback,

    Meals as followed,

    Meal 1, 10 am- 5 egg whites cooked with olive oil with 4 tomatoes, oatmeal with soya milk and the following supplements multivitamen, cod liver oil and glucosamine.

    Meal 2, 1pm- mrp muscle fuel sts with lacto free milk, semi skimmed .

    Meal 3, 4 pm- chicken salad sandwich with Brown bread.

    Meal 4, 7pm- chicken breasts cooked in olive oil, Brown rice, broccoli and a few tomatoes with lemon juice squeezed all over lol

    -Upper body workout- 9pm

    Meal 5, MRP muscle fuel sts

    with glucosamine tablet.

    Meal 6, 1 pm ( Me now lol )  tuna salad with olive oil and cucumbers and  an apple plus another glucosamine tablet (3 daily to help with joints)

    I'm really trying hard, does everyone record there diets and workout?, I have since I started on 5 days ago lol.

    Anyhow I would love some feedback and possible what you guys are eating and some advice about diet and training, thanks a million and look forward to hearing from you guys.

  • Meal 6 was at 1am, my bad lol , it's a ill late but won't all 6 meals in.