4 WEEKS and have picked up scale weight.... :(

  • ok so maybe im stressing for nothing....

    BUT when i started the challenge i was 62.3, by week 3 i was down to 61.1 and now in week 4 i am 61.7.


    i have been training with a personal trainer for the last 2-3 weeks and we have been going REALLY heavy- i just dont believe in this weight GOING UP thing!

    i understand i may plateau but surely it shouldnt go up???


    do i just continue?


    did any other ladies have this problem?


    what week do u REALLY start to se changes???


    Thankls for any comments!

  • Angie,

    Weight can fluctuate for many reasons: the time of day, the time of month (for women), the amount of water in your system, the amount of food in your system. Though useful as a tool for measuring progress, the scale is not the best method to determine if what you are doing is working. Use measurements and things like how your clothes fit and how much energy you have. On of the best things is to monitor your body composition. Unless you are extremely obese (which you are not) your body fat % can decrease while your weight stays the same or even slightly increases. Muscle is leaner and smaller and denser and much more shapely than fat. So even though your weight may stay the same, a body covered in lean muscle is mighty fine indeed. And isn't that the goal? Have your trainer take measurements and calculate your body fat% and use those numbers. They give a far more accurate description of all the good things your hard work is accomplishing in your body :)

  • Completely!  I was very active before body for life, though the level of fat/amount of lean muscle had decreased, so I decided to do the program.  I am now on week six--and have gained a couple of pounds.  THIS IS NOT JUST MUSCLE.  My scale measures fat as well...  My ratio hasn't changed in six weeks--and I double checked with a trainer at the gym.

    Overall, over the last twenty years, my weight has fluctuated only seven pounds--and usually only by a couple of pounds each year.  For instance, I was 125-127 depending on water intake, hormones etc for about 15 years.  My weight increases extremely slowly, so this two pound gain in one week is crazy for my body.  I am now at my heaviest (and biggest body fat percentage--25%) ever.  What's going on?  Perhaps I am not working out as hard as I had...  I am eating clean, getting enough protein, vegetables, eating only a little whole grain carbs.  Not restricting nor going over my calories range.  What gives?  Maybe an intolerance to a food?  Yogurt?  Whey?

    I used to drink alcohol more often during the week (3-4/week), eat a bar of chocolate once a week and pretty much eat anything I wanted (lucky, I know, but I am very active and still didn't eat a lot of junk).  Run 3x week, do yoga and a zumba class or bootcamp and lift weights a few times a week.

    Anyway, I work out for less time now, though lift and do cardo harder, am eating MUCH cleaner and after 6 weeks--now   weight gain--with fat???

    Can anyone help here?  I don't want to ruin my metabolism or lose some of the endurance I have!

    Thanks for your posting Angie!  I'm finding out I'm not alone.  I may kick up my cardio time and see what happens.

  • Its so utterley demotivating! Those scales tho that measure body weight and fat percent are not accurate butterfly40 so i wouldnt listen to that.

    After 6 weeks have u noticed any physical changess?

    Im at 4 weeks and scared that if i continue i will gain weight! I have decided to tighten up my eating and just push on for another 4 weeks. I think my portions are a little big and my free day way too free.

    If i change those two aspects i think i may get more positive results!

  • Hi Angie,

    Using the scale is a bad idea (especially for women) to gauge weight loss. A better and more accurate measure is to use a tape measure. Even though the scale hasn't budged a lot, if you know what your starting measurements were, I bet you anything you've lost inches!

    Keep your chin up and persevere!

    Consistency and hard effort will get you past the finishing line!

    I look forward to seeing your progress!

    P.S. Take pics every couple weeks too!

    Good luck with your BFL journey!


  • I'm sure you are gaining muscle.  Make sure to take your measurements, that is where it will show. Stay strong remember this is a 12 week challenge so stay on course. I am down 2.5 after 2 weeks and I remind myself, that I am making progress. We can do this!!

  • I am the same I am the heaviest I have ever been at 145 (now after week two) 29.7 bodyfat. I don't see a lot of change, but my husband tells me I feel a lot different. it takes about 8 weeks for us women to see change. Stick with it and don't worry. Everything we are doing is moving us forward. I know that I am a lot stronger then I was two weeks ago. I missed four workouts last week, we were on a trip, it was so hard to get back to the gym, but it felt great walking out knowing I gave it my best. We all need to give it a chance and finish.