having trouble sticking to the plan

  • i agree with ultimate body. my 2nd or 3rd challenge i tried to be way to perfect and ended up starting all over. bad idea seeing that you can't go backwards only forwards. i mean its impossible to do anything perfect, really. I've heard from members on here and even in the book it says focus on progress not perfection.  the hardest part for me is getting up early to get my workouts in. because if i don't i feel its wasted because i have other things to do that day so i like to get them in and up early. also this helps with my diet which is been the hardest part of this journey for me.

  • Greetings,  I can relate to giving up favorites while doing the CHallenge, my first C1 it was a challenge to give up soda drinks and chips each afternoon while heading home. so I substituted low fat cheese sticks and SObee instead and perhaps some low salt nuts in place and that definately worked and cut the calories, sugar and other nasty stuff out of my diet . Perhaps some kind of substitution will work for anyone who needs it as well. (I did check with BFL about the Sobee life water Lean Machine and mozzarella sticks and they said it was ok as long as it was counted as one of the 6 meals during the day).  Please remember too that alcohol does mess up your metabolic rate for 3 days so it sets you back in your program more than just that Free Day!! Hope this helps out (planning ahead helps too of course like Island Dude does with his meals) Keep moving forward everyone!!