having trouble sticking to the plan

  • my workouts are okay and i plan out my diet and times i will work out but i never stick to it. how can i? this is like my second challenge. never got to finish the first one but 6 weeks in it was really working and was starting to get cut up

  • It would help to be in a team or be on the program with a friend. Someone who can hold you accountable, plus you won't feel like letting them down by stopping. Also, think back for a minute. Why did you start the program in the first place? What are your goals? Knowing where you want to be at the end of the 12 weeks helps to keep you motivated.

  • drizzydrake... I hear ya!  

    I got to four weeks and feel like I have just lost the air in my tires.  I talked to someone who completed 4 challenges and he told me to go back and look at the reasons why I wanted to start doing this.  That doesn't really seem to help.  I feel like I need to start over.  I have been on week 5 for going on 3 weeks now :(

    I know I am not helping, but I am glad to know that others out there might be feeling what I feel.  

    I read what you say Cameo... but it just isn't working :(

  • I hear you dobe lol. And it does help actually. It's hard. The meal planning and diet is the hardest part for me. The workouts are easy. I plan out everything but don't follow through. I'm in like week 3 bit I'm thinking about starting all over and following every day right. Is that possible? Plus I'm kind of cynical in a way and think my way works better all the time which it doesn't and never did.

  • drizzydrake,

    you are not alone. We all go through times when we wonder what we are doing and why. dobegirl mentioned reasons and though dobegirl mentioned it didn't seem to help I think taking a hard and honest look at why you want to exercise and eat right is very important. We all want to loose weight and be more toned or muscular but why? To be there for our families? to live a long healthy life? to have abetter sex life? to attract a partner? to be more confident socially or in the work place? The list goes on and on.

    For me, personally, I have numerous reasons but mainly i do not want to be common, I don't want to be like everyone else. I want to be me, be the man I know I can be, I want to reach my fullest potential. This alone drives me and motivates me. I also want to be a healthy old man still traveling and golfing and sweeping my wife off her feet.

    The other thing i did for C2 was booked and paid for a professional photographer. All of C2 I knew the day was coming when I would be in front of that camera. Man that kept me going on the days I wanted to quit! :)

  • Orrin is right once you book that photo shoot or make a verbal commitment to friends and family, that is in the back of your mind and thoughts and may help to keep you on course and motiviated.  Think how proud you and they will be when you finish in style and good form. Keep Moving Forward and don't look back at the negative except to learn from it.

  • My struggle in this program is Red Bull! I love them. I have decreased from three or four 12oz cans a day to two 8oz cans a day, but haven't been able to give them up completely. I'm losing one to two lbs a week, but figure I would be losing more if I gave them up completely, so, I understand how you feel!

  • dbavidg,

    I too have an issue with what i drink. My drink of choice is DT Mt Dew...its my coffee.... and WAS drinking 2 to 4 liters a day!!!! I made up my mind to have only one or two a week on my free day! As for ":starting over", i think you should just keep moving in the direction your headed with the work outs and try to cut the Red Bull to one a day to every other day then one a week. Some things are just hard to give up. ween yourself off them. And as for 1 to 2 lbs a week, that is actually healthy! Remeber this is not a sprint to the finish line. We are all trying to change out lifestyle. Somethings just take a little longer to change. You will get there my friend. You have already made the choice to change, and eventually you will get all wheels rolling at the same time. Just keep working on clipping those Red Bull wings and you will get there.

    Oh, by the way, i had my first Diet Dew in 6 days yesterday, and i was uneventful. I use to call it Nector of the Gods, now its just a nector from Pepsi Cola Company...lol!

    Good Luck luck, hope it helps


  • Hi dobegirl,

    It helps if you have others encouraging you. It's easy to lose sight of our goals unless we keep them right in front of us!

    I like to place stick-its all over the house (even in the fridge) with my goals and reasons for them, such as:

    I am losing 60 lbs because I want to like what I see when I look in the mirror, or I want to feel confident in my own skin, or I want to set a positive example for my children, etc. The more personal the better.

    This is incredibly motivating. I also stick up quotes that I find incredibly inspiring, such as:

    "Life is not about the breaths we take, it is about the moments that take our breath away." (roughly lol)

    I hope this helps you as much as it's helped me. I lost steam twice before in the BFL challenge too, right around week 6 I would find myself thinking, " WHY am I doing this?"

    Stick with it!

    We're here to support you!

    You can do this, and you will succeed 8)


  • Greetings,  I did put this time's start photo directly at eye level on the fridge and it definately does make an impression each time you go to get something from the fridge. Great idea that one

  • the whole planning 6 whole meals a day is just insane and very tedious...i don't see how anyone can do that every day day in day out. the workouts are easy to me. don't get me wrong i learned a lot from bills books and such. matter fact i just grabbed eating for life to work on some recipes since i don't know how to cook but wow...all i can say is this guys a beast LOL!

  • Hey peeps, Just chiming in on the whole 6 meals a day deal.. This may not be for everyone but for me I eat mostly the same thing every week.. It's just alot more simple I'll change up the Foods every so often but If you are able drizzy Make a few days worth of food store it in some containers and keep it in the fridge.. that way the day before just grab your containers and your good to go.. It has worked for me and much easier than sitting down and trying to think ahead one day at a time.. Like you guys I failed 3 times before finally finishing my first challenge early last year.. since then I haven't looked back.. the new eating habits have formed and the new lifestyle has taken over.. our minds can be our worst enemies.. the old programming is always trying to come back.. but that being said, we are really much much stronger than we perceive to think. Find your fire, Surround yourself with like minded people Just like the great peeps we have here and get it done. I heard a saying once "when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, only then will you find the strength to change".. Dobie girl, Drizzy, bdavidg,  Don't quit, you guys can make it happen..

    Ken P: Congrats on freeing yourself from the Diet dew!


  • Listen, this is my fourth challenge in 12 years. I did not finish the first three times..Life is busy..the key for me this time(week 3) Is that if I mess up, it's ok..I need to keep moving forward and keep making positve change. I missed four workouts in week 2. I could have quit, instead, I looked at the improvements that I made, I feel stronger after a few weeks. stick with it, I know it works. I saw awesome results in 1999 after 6 weeks of my first challenge. We will stay strong together:)

  • Please don't start over!!! The first few weeks are the hardest. My goal was not to have any wine at night with my husband, when the kids go to bed, guess what!  I have had wine. But, half as much as before the challenge. So, I made improvement. Next week,  I will do even better. We are not going to be perfect the first couple of weeks. We have old habits that will take time to break, but it will happen..keep moving forward. Don't try to be perfect, strive to improve..These old habits didn't happen in a few weeks, they are not going to be gone in a few weeks..it takes time..keep close track of what it is you need to work on...I put an x on the calander when I have wine and a o when I don't that helped a lot. Because, I would look at it after feeling like I blew it and count how many days I had wine and how many I didn't. I was doing a lot better then I thought. Stay strong:)

  • Way to go!!! You can see that it is all about making the improvement..Keep it up, You are doing great:)