Half way there (6 week pics)

  • I am half way through my challenge. 6 weeks in the bag, and this is my first post here. I have noticed big changes, and I am working extremely hard. I've been packing on muscle and getting stronger. The most frustrating part for me thus far has been the lack of scale weight loss. I know, it doesn't really matter so long as I get leaner. I have definitely lost body fat, but I have lost only 1 pound on the scale in 6 weeks. I thought I would be getting lighter along the way. I'm looking forward to 6 more weeks. Thanks to everyone who's posts have inspired me to keep working hard. The plan works.

  • WOW!! you look great and you are just 1/2 way home!  Just imagine what you will look like at 12 weeks!  Keep it up!! :)

    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • I can definitely relate. I'm finishing week 7, and the scale weight hasn't changed hardly since week 4. I'm making changes like the ones you describe. It's this mindset of gaining muscle and getting lean versus actual scale weight which is hard to come to grips with, for me anyways.You're making great strides. Thanks for your post. Now I know there are others going through the exact same thing as I am. Makes me feel that it's ok not too be seeing results on the scale.

  • Cameo - I feel your pain. One of my  goals was to lose at least 15 lbs of scale weight. I can't deny that I'm getting fitter and more lean, but never seeing a change on the scale is tough. I have hopes that it will happen in the upcoming weeks. Keep working hard!

  • Great work, hang in there to the finish. Your pictures at this point show some great progress towards a final goal. You have trimmed down a lot despite what that scale says, remembe it also weighs the muscle you added too and that weighs more than the fat you lost. Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • Almost everyone that I have talked with who has completed this program has told me that the last few weeks is when the fat melts off and they can see the most changes, the scale will probably lower some then. My advice is to throw out the scale, you are looking great! Keep hitting the highpoints on your exercises (both lifting and cardio), push yourself and you will get the results you want in the end.

  • Amazing, it's stuff like this that keeps me going.  I'm so impressed.  Thank you so much for sharing.

  • I just finished week 7 yesterday, and like you, I have been frustrated by the lack of weight coming off. In the first 3 weeks I lost 10 pounds (I stopped drinking a 6pack of Ale each night), and then nothing for the next 3 weeks. My scale has a Body Fat % feature, so I could see that my BF% was dropping by about 2% each week, so that kept me somewhat satisfied.

    It has been in the past 2 weeks that I have seen a big difference in my physique and my weight is dropping again, only by a pound or two each week.

    I am psyched for the last 5 weeks. The plan is working, and I feel momentum is moving in my favor.

    Keep up the good work, bro!!