Am i making progress?

  • So here are 3 pics, first, are week one (pre doing anything) then end of week 1 end of week 2 etc.

    Only thing I have done is change my off day from Sunday to Saturday as I think itll be easier? People with good results.... do you use the whole day as day off or just and off meal, and if its just one meal what do you do the rest of the day?

    Can you guys see the progress?

    Im also going onto rotational shift for a week, any suggestions?


  • You are definitely making progress. Having completed two challenges I can say to push hard for all 12 weeks and the biggest and best changes will happen in the last week. Actually my best results happened in the two weeks after my challenge. Keep going strong and keep pushing your limits; eating cleaner, lifting more and running further. You will see big results!

    As for the free day, I ate the same in that I ate 6 meals spaced three hours apart and still drank lots of water but I did treat myself to a few things I love. Usually fresh blueberry muffins with butter in the morning and some hot wings at night and some chocolate in there somewhere. It was definitely not a free for all binge. I was careful on my free days but not so strict it took the joy out of it if that makes sense. After awhile I learned to really listen to my body and I understood how much was too much. I did two challenges back to back with two weeks active rest in between and honestly my first challenge was entirely a learning period for the second. That was over a year ago now and BFL style eating is normal and habit.

    Keep going strong!

  • Yes! Your misection especially, and there are changes happening in your chest area, more defined. Keep up what your doing. I know i can see a difference.

  • Dude, keep in isn't a sprint. Like somebody said to didn't take a few weeks to put it all on, it will take more than a few weeks to see it leave,

    I am on Week 7, and probably didnt notice much change at all for 3 weeks, except my weight was going down b/c I stopped putting 1000 beer calories a night into my system.

    I now have lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 11 pounds of muscle, and am PUMPED for the next 5 weeks!!

    Keep it up. You will be very happy you did.

  • You are doing awesome, it is always harder to see the change in yourself. Keep up the good work and remember that most of this is doing intense workouts and changing your eating habits for longterm change not just 12 weeks. :)