will i get those transformations

  • Hi All,

    i am feeling a little down at the moment, i mean i have almost completed week 5 and i have made progress for sure dropping about 4kg i can see that my body is changing shape however everything just seems to be getting smaller i don't see any muscle definition yet (small!!! bicep starting to appear)........when is this meant to start i would have thought it would be a gradual process or does it all just appear toward the end of the 12 weeks. just concerned and really want to make sure im on the right track. I know weight loss can sit at the same for a while but i just wanted to ask what your experiences are with getting that muscle definition what weeks did you start to notice a change???? 

    thanks everyone :)

  • Jess85,

    Don't lose heart. This is a journey. 5 weeks is a great accomplishment and you should be very very proud. As far as results there is no straight up answer. It depends on what your goals are and where you are starting from. Loosing 100 lbs in 12 weeks is unrealistic for example. Everyone is different. Also results are directly related to the effort put in. Now dont get me wrong I am not saying you are not trying, far from it, what I have observed is the major difference between champion type transformations and goodish type transformations is the mind set. Champion type people are able to destroy preconceived limitations and push themselves beyond what their mind is telling them is their limit. Just an observation.

    Having said all that, My biggest and best changes came in the final week and in the week of active rest following my challenge. I have never felt so connected to my body and alive and strong in my life, It was worth, and is still worth, every extra rep, every new personal best, every bit of pain endured, every beer I said no to :)

    Stick to your plan for all 12 weeks and push hard.

    Keep going strong!


  • Nice moto Orrin.  This was a good reminder for me that just going through the exercise list and click the chorono button is procedure.  I really need to dig deep and push out each rep with focus and intensity.  Well written.

  • As long as you are giving it your best effort, and not being afraid of pushing a little harder each week, you should be fine. You can also change some of your exercises,example, in weight training, do some push ups instead of bench press. Our bodies can adapt so easily, so change it up a bit. Keep up the good work, your halfway there!

  • Thanks all, yes I must admit I have my days were I go through the motions but most days I am trying hard. I have increased my weights and also my speed on treadmill during cardio....just got to keep it up but I'm enjoying the ride so far :)

  • To Jesse85,  hang in there and KEEP MOVING FORWARD and the results will come. (and PS stick with the program BFL)