The Last 2 weeks

  • Hi, Could some of the seasoned BFL'ers offer some guidance about how to scale down the last 2 weeks as far as meal plans ? I am not sure if the term is carb depletion, or water cycling but I would like to prep for my pictures and would appreciate some of the experiences others have had. Did you cut down on carbs the last few weeks or gradually scale down the carbs...decrease or increase water, etc..I really want my muscles to "pop" 

    Thanks !!

  • I would appreciate any input from our more senior Challengers as well on this as I am equally as curious on this issue at this point in time. All advice is welcome in this area even if this is your second challenge or a first and you have done competition before.  Thanks all.  Keep Moving Forward!

  • There was some discussion of this sort of thing in an older thread:

  • I have always heard that people wanting to look good for transformation pics decreased their salt intake or eliminated it completely the week or two before a photo shoot.