I did it! Transformation with pics

  • Incredible!! You have done a great job. You're a great inspiration to so many. Keep it up Your smile is fantastic!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • wow. impressive :)

  • Awesome stuff! I was curious. Did you do any extra work to develop your abs, or did you follow the plan by the book?

  • Thank you so much everyone!!! :)  @ Cameo - about half way through I started doing abs on all lift days (So 3 times a week) and I did the books way of abs, plus I added working my obliques because my love handles were one of the biggest things that needed help. I really didn't see my love handles start tightening up until about week 11. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the tips. I too need to ger rid of those love handles. They are the hardest to get rid of I find. I'll try and mix it up!

  • Man what a transformation! congratulations!!!

  • Thanks for posting.  You look great!  I am in week 5 and haven't  seen much change yet, but you inspire me to stick with it!

  • Awesome Job!!!!

  • You look incredible. Congratulations !! I cannot believe the change in your abs. Well done !

  • You look amazing!  Congratulations!!  Thank you for sharing.  I started the challenge on the 15th and have been doing pretty well.  It was good for me to read that you "only lost 11 lbs".  I'm always so obsessed with that darn scale :)  I am at a snug size 12 right now.  I was at a very tight 12 and also wearing some 14s three weeks ago. Ugghhh.   My husband says he sees a difference in me but the scale is only showing 3 lbs.  I know 3 lbs is 3 lbs and I'm gaining muscle but like I said, I'm always obsessed with the scale.  It's good to know that the inches are coming off and I can look as good as you do when I'm done even if the scale doesn't move as much as I want it to.  

    I'm curious about your meals.  Did you eat only foods on the approved list?  Did you use the EFL cookbook?  

  • Chappyswife - Thank you for your kind words! In the first 3 weeks of my challenge I didn't lose a single pound, but I feel like that was when I started seeing the most "de-bloating." I had to hide the scale because it almost discouraged me into quitting. I just kept track of my measurements on sparkpeople.com and kept looking at my before pictures. I took pictures every couple of weeks and it really helped because I could see the changes. I was obsessed with the scale too because my goal was to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but hiding the scale helped me get passed that.

    I did pretty much eat meals on the approved list. I maybe ventured a little, but nothing unhealthy. Here's a typical schedule of mine

    8 am - work out

    9:30 - 2 whole grain blueberry eggos and cottage cheese

    11:30 - protein bar

    2:30 - whole wheat crackers and Tuna (sometimes I ate a Sandwich from Subway)

    4:30 - protein shake

    7:30 - an enchilada (lean beef, whole wheat tortilla, weight watchers cheese)

    10:00 - cottage cheese and prunes

    This is exactly what I ate for a lot of my 12 weeks. Towards to end we started trying some of the shakes in the body for life cookbook, but we didn't get the book until the end. Hope that helps. Good luck!!!

  • you only lost 11lbs? wow, look at the difference! losing fat gaining muscle looks great on you. you inspire me.

  • WOW awesome pics!!!!! What a change.

  • Wow...you look great!

  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!  WOW:)