I did it! Transformation with pics

  • This is a really horrible before picture. Eek, it's so embarrassing! If I ever would have thought in a million years I was going to share these pictures I would have cared a lot more about how I looked, like not wearing striped socks, but I never really thought I would like the way I looked afterwards!  But I loved seeing everyone else's transformations, so I thought I'd share mine! I only lost 11 pounds, but I went from a size 10/12 to a size 6! I lost 4 inches off my waist and over 2 inches off each thigh! I feel great! I have so much energy and so much more confidence. This is the best thing I ever decided to do! I never cheated on the diet and I only missed one upper body workout when I was sick. I did make my free days extremely free though. I still have a lot of toning I want to do, so I plan to start a new 12 week challenge very soon! 

  • Wow!! Congratulations!! You look sensational!! The hard work definitely pays off.

  • awesome you look amazing, well done on a total transformation. This is so inspiring to keep going on my 3rd challenge

  • Today is day 1 for me thanks for the inspiration!  

  • Great job! You look fantastic!

  • Great work!  You look amazing!

  • wow you look awesome and they stripes on your feet melted right off!

  • congrats!!! You really look great! I hope to look as good as you when I am done:) I started 2 weeks ago.

  • You look like a totally different person! You are an inspiration for me and lots of people on here. The proof is in the pics.Well done!

  • Congrats!! Great work, you totally got in shape! ...and the socks are a cute touch, don't be embarrassed.

  • GREAT JOB!!!!!!! YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!!

    ENJOY the process!!! Know that this takes time, Just be committed to doing your best EACH DAY

  • Wow!! Congratulations on your accomplishments and welcome back to BFL.  I wish you more success in your future endeavors as well and as Bill always said...Keep Moving Forward!!!  Your results are inspiring to us all!

  • Wow!  Thanks for having the courage to share your pics - you look amazing!  You are a definite inspiration to me!  I hope I look that good after my transformation that I won't care what my before picture looks like either because right now I don't want ANYONE to see them! Great job!

  • I just started this morning. First day at the gym was rough but rewarding. You did a good job! Keep up the hard work!

  • It's the after that counts and your after is AWESOME!