My Transformation Pics!

  • Hi guys.

    I just finish my first challenge. I didn't follow 100% but I'm very happy with my results.




  • Way to go Carlos,  Looks like you lost quite a bit and toned up a great deal too. I am sure your positive attitude towards the BFL Challenges has also improved and you outlook in general too!  Congrats on finishing in such a great way.

  • Great job!  You have really trimmed up!

  • PS Carlos You should really look forward to those fun times at the beach now when your beach season returns to Brazil ( I know that you have reverse seasons down there and that winter is approaching in your area).

  • Congratulations Carlos:  You look wonderful!  Keep up the great work!  The lady's will be chasing you!

  • Awesome, you are to be commended.  Keep up the good work.

  • Great job, stay focused!