trying to figure this out

  • Hello!

    I am going for this again! My boyfriend and I tried this last year- we did well, got sick, fell off and got lazy.

    I allowed this because frinds begansaying that instead of trimming down I was looking more mscular. I was following the eatting plan, staying on tatget and very proud. My pants were not fitting anymore- the thighs were no longer fitting in the jeans.

    I am concerned. I truly enjoy the program and the mental clarity the spiritual connection I had.

    Goes anyone have suggestions? I was concidering doing this along with HCG drops...... HELP.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Can you tell us some of the things you were eating on your menu?  Portion size(s)? Were you hitting your 10's during your workout routines?  I'd be happy to share some of my meal plans if you'd like.  

  • HCG drops work, but you reduce your calorie in take to 500 calories!  At that level, you wouldn't be able to do the workouts for BFL and it is very restrictive.  YOU will lose weight on the HCG, but you won't be fit.  I recommend the BFL plan over the HCG drops because it is very hard to stay restrictive for very long.  It is pretty hard to bulk up for a woman on this plan with out taking supplements.  Now, you may have been getting stronger, but not losing the fat on top of your muscle, but in a few more weeks that would've started getting burned off with the cardio.  I don't know if I helped or not... like heavy says...did you watch your proportions & hit your 10s?