My Body-for-LIFE transformation pics!!

  • Firstly, I apologise to those who've been waiting to see my results. After a little drama with my computer, all is finally sorted. :)

    I'm very happy with my results to date. I've still got a bit of work to do yet, but am more determined than ever to work towards looking as good on the outside as I now feel on the inside. I set myself some (realistic) goals (i.e. I didn't expect to have abs at 12 weeks after starting out as big as I did lol), and that really helped me to stay motivated. I must admit that halfway through I wasn't quite sure whether I would make it to Day 84, but after meditating on my reasons for starting, I got straight back up and went even harder than I did at the start.

    Without blabbing on too much, here are my transformation photos...

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • Great job! I can see a big difference, you look wonderful!

  • Fantastic results! You are shrinking and straightening up all at the same time! ;) You have nice strong legs as do's nice to see. Keep up the great work. You will be amazed with what another 12 weeks will do to that body of yours.

  • Thank you both so much! I appreciate the feedback. ^_^

    I'm really looking forward to seeing even more change in the coming 12 weeks!

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • Great work,  Your Photos and your expression says it all.  Keep up the great work in the future and feel proud in all that you have accomplished this time around. Keep Moving Forward!!!  

  • You look great, and your results are very encouraging!  I know it will take more than 1 challenge for me too, but I hope to finish as strong as you have!  Good job!

  • Amazing job! Your entire body looks tighter and more compact. Way to rock it on your first Challenge!

  • Like everyone else has said Your hard work and determination to get it done has really showed GREAT JOB!! Wooo another twelve weeks big things ahead!!

  • wow. good for you. did you  notice that under your chin is nice and smooth now? i am so happy for you. i am on day 14. i can't wait for the 12th week. you were smart taking so many photos. it took me a week to take one photo. pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

  • Definite progress. Great work! Keep up the good Orkney!

  • Um. I don't know what Orkney is. My spell check did that. Lol. It was supposed to read, "keep up the good work!" i had a,ready hit reply when I read it. Lesson learned.

    Anyway. Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you everyone!! Your encouragement helps motivate me even more. All the best with your challenges also! ^_^

    @no boobs on the floor - (Luv your name by the way lol) Yeah, my double chin was the first thing I wanted gone haha so I'm quite thrilled that it's not there anymore hehe Thank you :)

    @Perthmom2012 - I couldn't stop laughing after reading your comment lol but it's ok, I knew what you meant :P gotta love autocorrect! Lol but thank you!

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • Great Job! The transformation you made in 12 weeks really gives me the motivation to keep moving forward. Thank you for sharing.

  • Awesome!!!!  You look so much tighter!!!!

  • Thank you JamBrandt & Blessed Mom!

    I'm loving my new body & determined to keep at it! Starting this program has been one of the best decisions I've ever made, & I wish you both all the best! :)

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"