• The fat is starting to REALLY MELT off! I am starting Week 10 tomorrow and will get measured.


    Today, I was amazed when a Juniors Size 5/6 wrap skirt fit me beautifully! I didn't have a top that would go with it so I went to my 14 year old daughter's closet ( who is about 5 ' 1" and petite) and found a nice, red tee-type shirt to coordinate and it fits perfectly!!! She thinks it's hilarious that her clothing fits me!!   I don't know what I weight, but the fat on my abs is going way down. WOOHOO!! I am super excited!!!


    MY HUSBAND told me he wants to start BFL tomorrow!!! He is SO IMPRESSED with my results... I keep telling him the best is yes to happen!!!

  • Confidence!  You go girl!!

    Today I'm a wee bit sad because I'm about to say good bye to one of my favorite pairs of shorts!!!  For a long time they were comfy and held up quite well, but not they are literally falling off, and well it's just time to say good-bye.

    Week 8 for me starts tomorrow and momentum builds with each day.  Wow!

    Words can no longer express the feelings now.  It's just truly amazing as you well know!!

    ~Marqui D. C1W7D49  ....and it's free day!

  • Happy news for you folks! VERY ENCOURAGING! I needed to hear the positive feedback today as I'm start of week 4 and ....

  • So happy for you!   Keep up the good work!

  • Trudy  starting week four as well.   GO-GO-GO !!!!!

  • IT'S TRUE what everyone has been saying: STICK to the PROGRAM and you WILL get results!

    I have had subtle ones since about Week 2 and have been conscious of steadily-increasing and visible muscle growth. But as each week ends I have noticed fat slipping away, especially noticeable when I first wake up. My 'skin' is firmer and feels younger.

    I don't think I have EVER worn a 5/6 juniors skirt-- not since I was about 12 or so! My husband is dumbfounded that I am wearing my daughter's shirt. He really has a hard time eating the bland food so for HIM TO DECIDE to do this, says a lot.

    His challenge is that he is an arborist and does strenuous work several times a week. He comes home just beat so getting him to workout FIRST will be a challenge. I am helping him to work on his vision and mindset so that he will own his challenge and  do it to please himself and not just me.

  • .....I love it!!!   Keep the positive statements a-flowing!!!!