C2W4 Pics...Maybe some inspiration for someone???

  • I normally wouldn't do this, but I can't get my profile to update my pics...so anyways, below are my pics...1st pic is 12/21/09 (1st day of challenge), 2nd pic is 4/24/10 (end of wk 4 of 2nd challenge), 3rd pic is a pic of my "Guns" lol! :)  Hoping that these along with my stats can inspire someone to keep on going cause the ride has been WONDERFUL!!

    Stats: Beg. wt. 203#, 4/24: 175#, so minus 28#! Inches lost since 12/21/09 = 24 1/4!! :) Loving what this program is doing for me and my LIFE!



    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • AWESOME JOB!. I can't wait until I see my results. I am at the end of the second week. Keep up the great job

  • Deb,

    Thank you SO SO much for sharing these with us! You are such an inspiration to me! :D This is precisely what I needed... I'm starting to hit a slump, and I needed some real-time, right-now proof to keep me going. :D


    "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions. And they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are." -Bill Phillips

  • Hey you sexy thing you! YOU ARE SO AMAZING!! I see all those creams and lotions on your shower doors now - you dont have to use quite so much now to wash that shrinking body of yours!! No wonder they are piling up!

    Seriously, my good friend - you inspire me in many ways. It is so cool to see the weight just falling down and off your body like that. That mid-section is looking F I N E sister! and those guns will be good for SLAMMIN in October. he he he. and hitting that VB game Liesl is promising us.

    Love ya bestie. :)

  • Deb - You are my hero because of your honesty.  That's something that America and the rest of the world for that matter needs.  People who are honest and hold themselves accountable for their actions.


    I plan to post my Beginning and 8 week photo next week.  I hear so much about people getting down and feeling the pain of weeks 1-8, so at the end of week 8 I'm going to push myself to exponentially grow.  Now I believe my mind is ready (mental fat is all but gone now!!!) now lets see what this body is ready to do!

    Yay!  I am so proud of you!

    ~Marqui D. C1W7D49 - and yes it's Free Day!

  • WOW!  That is just AWESOME!!!   I just took my week 8 photo.  Maybe I'll get brave and post it.  CONGRATS again!

  • THANKS MO!  

    Today is end of week3 and feeling more than slumpish...

    Doing all the w/o's, eating great....

    B U T:

    I feel like 10lbs of crap in a 5 lb bag so came looking for refreshment...

  • WOWWW!! Deb!!! FANTASTIC results!!! i bet your husband is amazed and can hardly believe what is happening!!! Keep on keeping on !!! I can't wait to see your end results!!!! woohoo for you!!!

  • Debbie!!!!!  

    You are an inspiration!


    Julie (in VA)

  • Trudy - Maybe it's 5lbs of crap trying to hold back 5lbs of a fit and energetic You trying to break through!

    If you haven't read my post title'd "But I've failed, I don't know what to do."  Please do so, it should help inspire you.

    It's that little kid voice in you....trying to say....we can't it's too hard.  Keep fighting it and treat it like a little kid..."Quiet lil kid, we know what's best for you, we're in charge!  Now do you're part and let's get on with this 12 weeks.  Who's onboard, roll call....."Upper Body? - check, Lower Body - Check....Stomach....er check....I can't hear you....oh...check!  Mouth....(by now Upper Body, Lower Body and every other part of your body is "talking" to your mouth.  Check check check!

    So have fun with it Trudy!  We on the forum motivate each other!  Keep writing in your journal, enjoy your free day!  and enjoy the fact that Weeks 1-2-3 are just recorded history now!

    .....and Deb...you still Rock!

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You look incredible and what an inspiration for me.  I haven't read the book yet, waiting for it to be mailed.  I am going to start tomorrow anyways and looking at your awesome pictures has given me even more motivation.  Keep up the great work

  • Thanks everyone! I was hoping it would offer a little bit of inspiration for some of the new challengers out there. And I think it did help a bit! Keep on keeping on, folks! This program ROCKS!!! :)

    I have all of my pics posted at transformation.com I'm DebbieMO there as well...

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Definitely INSPIRING!!  You are doing amazing!  I am so impressed, keep up the great work my friend!!!


  • Thanks Aly! I do hope that knee heals soon so you can get back to a normal routine!! (((Hugs))))

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Amazing.  Very nice results Debbie - good work - what a job you have done.