Challenge 1 complete with pics.

  • I am happy with my first challenge end results.  I absolutely know where I need to focus more on my next challenge in July.  I am really excited about getting started but with the busy summer plans over the next few weeks I am taking a short break.  I am still sticking to the Body For Life Eating plan and hitting the gym a few times a week when I have time now.  I know my next challenge will get much closer to my end goal.  This challenge cut 22 pounds so that is a great starting point for this next challenge.

    For those interested in my journey please follow this link:

    Week 1

    Week 6

    Week 12

  • Great work Andy!!!!

  • great job!!

  • Awesome progress

  • Andy...Way to Go on your challenge.  The arms and overall weight loss are great.  22lbs is a lot to lose on a challenge and I do salute you on that alone. IF this is your first you challenge you did even better than I am saying. The first is very tough to get down the principals and to stay away from the pitfalls of falling off the wagon. Hang in there and ...Keep Moving FOrward!!!

  • Wow, you're really starting to get that awesome V shape from your shoulders to your waist.  I love it!  I hope I have such good results from my challenge!

  • Thanks everyone!

    Bill, this IS absolutely my first challenge.  I really feel the first 6 or so weeks was me trying to figure it all out.  I think my next challenge I will be more comfortable in the gym and feel i will see better strides as far as progress. I know before i start that Challenge I will do all the recommended BFL measurements and pictures!

  • good job!!  those side handles really got brought in!

  • Great work Andy!  I just finished my first challenge today too!  It feels amazing, right?

  • Wow Andy, great pics.....congrats, you were an inspiration

  • Andy, you look great!  Congrats on the progress... keep us posted on the next journey!

  • How is it going Andy,  You are right your results will be a great starting point for next time.  ANy plans for the next challenge yet?  Did you officially enter this time on line? Best wishes and Keep MOving FOrward!

  • Hey WPBill,

    I am scheduled for my knee surgery Monday.  I have a tear in my meniscus and need it cut.  The orthopedic is telling me 4 weeks non weight baring, and then another 4-6 weeks to get back to “normal activity” .   depending on how quickly I can bounce back after the initial 4 week recovery will determine how soon I can start challenge 2!  I am so excited to get back on it.  Thanks for asking, I am sure I will become more active again as I get closer to my next challenge.