End of Week 9 with pics!

  • Wow!  I definitely see the transformation occurring-Congratulations on all your hard work!! Something to think about is to go back and review your goals.  Are you getting close to them? Keep up your good work-Let us know when you've crossed the finish line!  We are here cheering for you!     Go Girl Go!!!

  • wow...you look great. did you do shakes? what did you snack on? i'm big on snacking.

  • Hi lulu and thank you!

    I make 1 shake every day: EAS vanilla protein powder, 5 frozen strawberries, 1/8 cup of frozen blueberries, and cold water. I don't drink the pre-made ones unless I know I will be out of the house all day, and then I buy the Myoplex Lite chocolate shakes.

    I love snacks too. Here are my faves during the Challenge:

    Low-fat cottage cheese with blackberries or pineapple

    Fage Total 2% Plain Greek Yogurt + some low-glycemic fruit, usually blueberries or 1/2 a peach

    A can of water-packed chunk light tuna on a slice of toasted, plain whole-wheat bread topped with all-natural salsa

    Think Thin Protein Bar, usually Tangerine Creamsicle, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, or Creamy Peanut Butter

    My own concoction I call the B4L Gyro: Whole wheat tortilla spread with nonfat Greek yogurt, wrapped around 4 oz 99% ground white meat turkey seasoned with s&p and paprika + cucumber slices and lettuce. Mmmmm!

    Quick salad with greens, sliced fresh vegetables, chopped deli meat, tossed with a little olive oil + balsamic vinegar

  • Oh and Annie, Day 84 is May 20! Oh my gosh 9 days to go!! I am stoked!

    I will definitely be putting up Day 84 pics but I probably won't be in a bikini by then... but that's OK! I feel I have come far. I am down to 25% body fat, from 31.5% in Week 1. Want to be at 23% by Day 84. Not sure if I can drop the extra 2% by then but I am doing everything in my power to try! Most of what's left is around my midsection but my thigh and waist measurements are still dropping so we'll see what happens over the next 9 days!

  • I think your pictures show awesome progress!!!!  You look great!