Week 6 Progress with Pics

  • Reading your message is very encouraging, you say "I needed to do something" i could not agree with you more than that and whne you changed from saying I want to do it!” –it  is weak

    “I am doing it!” – it is the right way!  I AM DOING THE BODY FOR LIFE CHALLENGE!!!!! Finally!

    reading these messages bring home the message that if you want to change that badly you need to say I AM GOING TO DO IT. Thank you for your message it has hit home and out me back on a wave length that i need to be at. You are doing so well keep it up and stay strong you are looking great.



  • optimist!  I hope you entered the challenge!  WOW!!!!!  You have to be so proud of yourself and this is you at the 1/2 way mark...Can you imagine your 12wk pics?

    Congratulations!  Your hard work is noticed:)


  • Hi Optimist...can't believe our similarities....even our body types look the same.  I took my before picture and then again after 5 weeks and we look so similar although I don't know if I've made as much progress as you..  I'm also 47 and have hypothyroidism along with being menopausal.  So Mother Nature is definitely working against me.  But I am trudging along also and will not give up.  I am finding that this challenge has been a lot 'mentally' tougher than ones in the past.  I just cannot seem to get excited about getting up at 5:00 AM like I used to.  I used to really look forward to my workouts and now it just feels like more of an obligation.  I'm hoping that as I get in better shape and the workouts get easier, my mindset changes.  Right now, I am pushing so hard, every workout is a struggle.  Keep up the hard work....you look awesome!

  • Hey, optimist. You seem to have the opposite problem that I do. While I have lost 10 lbs, when I look in the mirror, I don't seem to be much different. But I see real differences in your pictures. Keep it up, you're doing great!

  • I have one thing to say. " forget about that scale!" Your photos are proof that you are making great changes. You can especially see it in week 4 back photos and week six. You've lost fat in so many areas. I'm impressed! Looks like you're gonna finish strong. Well done on your challenge!

  • Great progress optimist,  keep up the fantastic work and your results will only get more dramatic. Best wishes and Keep Moving Forward. Your photos show great improvement overall

  • Your pics are inspiring!  Yes, so much change in shape and how toned and strong you look.  It is helping me ignore the scale a little and realize I might be making changes that aren't reflected by weight loss.  I have also only lost 4 pounds but I'm hoping the changes are still happening.  Keep it up!

  • W.O.W.

    You can really see a tremendous difference from the back! That's awesome! Keep up the hard work and consistency.

    Truly inspiring!

    Thank you for sharing!