Week 11 BUSTED!!!!!!

  • Had an extremely BAD week 11! Had some personal losses and had a lot of trouble sticking to the diet. Only got one workout in all week long! Am I discoureged by this? Yes! Am I going to let it keep me down? NO!!!!!!!!

    I may be behind a week but I am going to hit it hard this week and next. As far as I'm concerned, this is my week 11. Whatever happened (or didn't happen) last week is in the PAST! Time to hit the gym, make the lunches (anyone try the "Golden Pancakes" from Eating For Life?---They are AWESOME), follow the plan! Loooking forward to the transition from BFL to 5-25 and doing even better!!

  • Way to go Hang tough and Hang in there and keep on moving forward!

  • Sounds like nothing more than a well deserved break!!!  Keep going strong!!!


  • I think that's a great plan. This is your week 11. Good luck!

  • Good For You!! And that's the stuff that kicks adversity in the Ass!  Give it your all!!!  The finish line is in view!

  • I am right there with you... I had the worst week last week, it was my week 11 also.... ugh is what i say to that.  Back at it this week!  5AM at the gym and i am just calling a re-do of last week.  This is week 11 version 2.0!  Best of luck!!

  • I had a bad week 12 and I decided to count that as my active rest week and the next week I started my C2! Remember it's not about falling it's about getting back up and continuing your challenge!