wk 11 Only 1wk until 1st show very nervous still.

  • Here we go OK I've been at now for just about the full 12wks I've lost a total of 20lbs and rediscovered my Abs I Still have a lot of work to do but I'm really pleased with results thus far.  I have my first show in 8 days I still cant believe it.  This has been a crazy journey.  I'm sorry the pics are not the best quality but I will have better updated pics when I post the final results along with pics from the show with beginning pics.  Current weight is 168.  I havent weighted this much since I was 18 and I'm going on 33.  This journey has truly blown my mind.  STAY MOTIVATED EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well done!! You look great. All the best on your competition.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Well wow - You look fabulous. Looking forward to hearing the results of the competition. Where will you be competing?


  • Wow!  You look great!  And I bet you'll do great on your competition.  Let us know how it goes!

  • Thanks for the comments everyone, I will be competing in pensacola FL next SAT.  Its the Physique category.  I've never even been to a body building show so it just adds on to my nervousness.  But regardless I'm going to see this through to the end and regardless of the results I'm only taking a couple of days off my diet and then Im back on my training regiment because this will not be my first and last show it is just the beginning.  I've only been training for this for 3mos so thats not a lot of time so I'm going to keep at it.

    Fit4Life your profile inspired me about two yrs ago after reading the book body for life challenge and then joining this website while in Germany.  I"ve shared your results with many people to show them that anybody can do this with determination and staying consistent with your exercise and diet.  I continue to use one of your quotes its my favorite:

    " Do you want to wish you had or be glad you did"

    Well I'm glad that I've did and will continue to do I truly plan to make this my lifestyle from this point on I can never go back to my old body lord willing that is.  Thanks again and Take care.  I hope I got your quote right take care and keep it up.


  • Looking great Simpdog,  I think you have a great shot at the winning title if you continue. At what bodyfat percentage did your abs finally re-emerge? Just curious on this subject.  I will be starting my C3 tommorrow and I am making that one of my top goals as well as a lower BMI and bodyfat level overall this time around. Thanks for your info and assistance on this one. My best wishes to you and Keep Moving Forward!

  • Thank you WPBill,  Yes Im definetley going to keep at it.  Forward progress I just tell myself I dont stop I will only continue to improve.  As far as my abs I''m not sure what bodyfat perentage I was when they begin to come in but I can tell you I was doing cardio 5 to 6 days a week for at least 30 mins high intensity a lot of interval trng.  My diet was pretty clean and still is pretty clean in the beginning I was eating about 6 to 8 meals a day every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs.  To be honest as the weight came off the abs came in better I'm down to 170 right now which is really light at least compared to what i've weighed the last decade.  My advice when it comes to abs it really starts in the Kitchen.  If you master that the cardio and workouts will be a breeze.  It truly is all about what you consume.  Hope that helps and thanks again for the reply let me know if you have other questions take care.


  • Congrats on your transformation!  I too, went on to compete after I finished my BFL journey in bikini (and also had never been to a show before either).  It's such a high, and you will be hooked!  Good luck!

  • Darius; Thankyou for those kind words. I have received encouragement from many bfler's over the years and I'm glad that I too can inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. There is no reason that even in our 50's...60's and 70's that we can't be healthy and live active lifestyles. God Bless!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • You look great Simpdog. Go onto that stage with confidence, and a huge smile. :D

    Pose hard up there!

  • Thanks again everyone for all the support and motivation.  This website has helped me in many ways just reading other peoples story.  In the beginning about two years ago I kept telling myself I wanted to be the person at the end of the challenge posting there results.  Well here I am and I must say it feels GREAT!!!!! I leave out tomorrow morning for Pensacola for the show on Saturday.  I weigh in tomorrow and prejudging Sat morning and night show that night this still seems unreal at this moment I cant wait to post pics from the show.  Well a many thanks again to everyone and everyone keep doing what you do.  Only Forward Progress.  FIT4LIFE keep up the good work you are my MOTIVATION!!!!!.  Take care everyone.


  • Hey Legs I checked out your profile.  Great Pics and Great job on your show. Was that your first one.  I was very impressed.

  • Best of luck and all our best wishes go with you Simpdog.  Go there and take no prisioners on the dias champ!  I thought of you yesterday when I saw a guy praticing his posing routine at the gym as he has for weeks now. Way to go and come home with a trophy if not you know you always did your best effort.  Boooyeah!

  • So impressive Simpdog.  Have a blessed and safe trip - We'll be looking for the good report!


  • Hey Darius: Just looked at your profile pics. You look incredible on that stage!!! How did you do? Was it fun?

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"