DAY 84

  • The past 84 days have flown by!  But it doesn't feel like the end.  The program stopped feeling like a chore a long time ago and now it is just life.  I am off for a run (on my free day!) and I am looking forward to continuing on.

  • Congratulations to you Gina.  I thank you for posting this as I personally get inspired at those who started before I did.  Best wishes of health and discipline to you as you continue down the path.

  • Gina - You made a committment stuck by it and saw it through!   You are a success!!

    I just finished week 7 and I am planning my last free day as well.  Something fun, something that I wasn't able to do before.

    Congrat's Gina!   Don't be a stranger now...pop in once in a while to say hello!

    ~Marqui D. C1W7D48

  • Thanks to you both!!  I spent my free day shopping for new  clothes for my vacation to Costa Rica in 2 weeks.  We planned ahead to make sure that we had something to look forward to at the end.  It was nice to buy a size smaller today.  We will keep on until we leave and as soon as we return we will be back in the game.  I have thoroughly enjoyed how easy this program has been.  Let me know how your "last" free day goes!