Challenge 3 Complete

  • Hey Folks,

    I just finished challenge 3, a little bitter sweet.  I moved away from the BFL workout and went with a program that proclaimed to add muscle density and increased strength.  I tried to maintain my diet per the BFL program, however had multiple stumbling blocks this time around, much more challenging than the previous two challenges. 

    Speaking of difficulties, I truly think this challenge encompassed as many roadblocks as one could have, at least from a physical and mental standpoint.  However, the positives first!  I didn’t miss any workouts, nor have I since I started my first challenge.  My strength did increase exponentially with this program, and although the photos don’t show it as much as I would like, I did increase my muscle mass/density, in particular my upper chest, shoulders, back, and upper legs.  My squats got up to the 350 range, I was military pressing 165 pounds, and went from being able to do zero bodyweight pull-ups to 7 dead hang pull-ups, bar to chest. 

    Now, the adversity.  I had a pretty nasty back and neck injury in week 3 which has literally caused me grief the entire program; only just yesterday at the chiropractor did I get some relief (after seeing him for 8 weeks).   Weeks 5-8 I had a really bad flu (this is where my diet went horribly bad).  It wasn’t that I ate garbage, but I just needed more food.  Between lifting heavy, the injuries, and being sick my body was not happy with the reduced calories.  Then, in week 10, when all started coming together and my body was healing I pulled my hamstring.  Luckily, since I was so cautious due to the other injuries, I stopped immediately and now two weeks later I have no pain and did a great workout yesterday with no strain to the muscle despite going heavy with some hamstring exercises.  To add insult to injury, I have been dealing with post grad school blues, if you will.  Not that I miss grad school, but for whatever reason since I finished my thesis at the end of December I simply do not feel rested, I'm exhausted constantly, and can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm forgetting something (mental drain from many years of school).

    Ultimately I lost about 10 pounds, however my clothes fit significantly different so I think there was probably more inches displaced this time around instead of weight loss.  I mentioned my strength gains, which are awesome, I’m thrilled with those.  Lastly, I realize hindsight that trying to go through a program to increase muscle and size is contradictory to expecting to lose weight, you simply won’t build muscle if you’re not eating to support that goal. 

    Since June 28, 2011 – 60 Pounds Lost & 13 Inches Lost off Waist

    Semper Fi,


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  • Hello Texas Brez,  I think you still did well especially if you had some extra challenges along the way. Best wishes on your next endeavor and future Challenges too.  Keep Moving Forward and remember we are there for ya along the way!

  • Great job!! A big improvement in your mid-section. Keep it up!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Brez, you look fantastic brotha!  Thank you again for the motivation!!!!!

  • Bill, Fit, and Flatliner,

    Thank you all for the kind words.  Speaking of, where are all of you with your journey?  

    Flatliner, how is your back?  I sympathize, I haven't made it through any of my 3 challenges without having lower lumbar bulges, one of my injuries from the Marines.  I admire that you gutted it out, however I will say, you will probably heal faster if you rest.  i personally haven't missed any workouts due to my back being hurt, however I'm willing to bet I prolonged the injury by doing so, food for thought.


  • TB: At the moment I'm not on a challenge but continue to lift hard and eat a clean diet. I have set June 1st as "picture day". I feel it is important to keep myself accountable by taking pictures every few months to guage my progress. Thanks for asking.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Good job man cant wait to get down to my ideal weight and take my after pictures

  • Thanks for input Brez, I really want to get back in there, but I really don't want this to linger.  It's killing me lol, but this is just another bump in the road that I need to learn to handle. :)

  • Where you at brotha?  Need some motivation from you :)

  • Hey Flatliner,

    Thanks for thinking of me.  I'm coming off of an injury, well... three injuries.  I managed to bulge 3 discs simultaneously with a dash of hip bursitis.  To say I've been on the shelf is an understatement.

    I'm thinking I should be back this week, it's been a couple months of light duty and things albeit are still tight and achy, I'm at least not sitting across from a spinal surgeon anymore....that was truly terrifying.  

    I'll let you all know how things end up, I'm optimistic!


  • Great job!  Good for you for pushing through any road blocks that came your way!  It is easy to just give up, but i admire your commitment.  Very motivating!

  • Hi Dobegirl,

    Thank you so much for the nice words.  I just finished my first full week back, starting Challenge 4 again.  I felt great this week, both in the gym and on the pavement with my running.

    I'm feeling really good that my injuries have healed well (there will always be some aches and pains) and I'm going to start really pushing the weights next week.

    Again, thanks for such amazing support!!


  • WOW BREZ!! You have come a long way man!! Way to go with determination!! In hindsight maybe you should've rested to heal but I probably would have done the same as well... Your progress is amazing man seriously!! Glad everything is good and you are coming out swinging with challenge 4. Keep it up make them GAINS!!

    Much aloha..

  • Hey Island Dude,

    Thanks for the awesome feedback.  I was looking at your profile earlier this week, dude you are getting some SERIOUS guns!!!!

    I'll keep ya'll in the loop as I progress, the support means everything!

    Semper Fi,