Advice!! Should I take my free day today?

  • Yesterday I had a great workout and I woke up sore and late this morning (when I usually do my workouts). I didn't have time to do my cardio so decided to do it tomorrow. Then I got to work and my pregnant coworker brought breakfast for me (breakfast burrito). I ate it. I brought my BFL lunch and snacks and would hate to waste a free day just because I ate a breakfast burrito. What should I do? Isolate it and move on and keep my free day for tomorrow as usual or make today my free day (which wouldn't really be worth it because I will be in classes all day and would not be able to eat anything I had planned for my free day).


    Stacy Lynn

  • NM. Misread.  Call it a slip up and move on.


    On to the next day.

  • Upon further reflection, you could when you do your cardio tomorrow, have a healthy meal for breakfast, then take your freeday thereafter?

  • But would this be like taking 2 free days?

    Stacy Lynn

  • No.  A slip up is a slip up.  One bad meal during a non-free day will not hinder you.  Next time though, pass on the burrito :)

  • :)  It will be very tough- but I will try.

    Okay. Onward!


    Stacy Lynn

  • Remember, the burrito is not going to get you to your goals!!!

    Yes onward and upward.

  • Hi Stacy.

    Speaking as someone who has been on the the body transformation roller coaster many, many times, I would like to share something I've learned through it all.

    When you obsess over things like this, it becomes the diet that controls your life. This can lead to major ups and downs in the challenge. You want to control your life, AND your diet. Some people fret because they ate 4 hours later, rather than 3. And all these little things can cause havoc on your mental state.

    I know this is a specific challenge, with specific guidelines, but if I may say, just brush it off. Continue on with your consistant plan. It's a small bump in your quest... don't let it snowball to a bigger one. Don't worry about it, and move on doing what you feel is best for your body. Meaning, if you would rather skip a free day, then do so. If you just see it as it is, a small error, continue on as normal. You learn from these things. It's very important to keep your mind stable, and let things take it's course. The key is positive trending. A continuous slide is not what you want to see, and that can come from fretting over it all, and potentially giving up.

    If you get back on the normal track, and take your free day as normal, I guarantee that burrito won't mean a hill of beans in the end. The many, many positive changes you're making trump it big time. Expect your best, but don't expect 100% perfection every minute of every day. Afterall, we are human. :)

    God bless, and good luck in your quest.

  • Stacy,

      I'm new to this but personally would just call it a slip up and agree to maybe just have a healthy breakfast on your free day. I actually split my free day into two half days because it is what works best for me (usually my "free" day is from 6pm on Sat night to 6pm on Sunday night).  That way I can go out to eat with my family (or to the movies or whatever else may be planned) on Sat night and not have to worry about watching what I eat and then just get right back on track starting with a healthy dinner and snack Sunday night.  Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up over a slip up. They will happen, it's just part of life...but staying committed to the program overall and continuing on that path is the best thing you can do and you will feel so much better! I already do and I'm onlyin week 4! Good luck!

  • Stacy - You've got some great advice here.

    This is where I say it gives you an opportunity to learn a little more about yourself.

    If you are more of the free spirited, non-chalant type...then yup...."slip-up" chalk it up and move on.

    But if you're a perfectionistic type that finds things hard to let go, (like I am ) this is what you could do....

    One day (a Thursday) I was out working late with coworkers and one of them grabbed us all McDonalds and huge sodas.  Now I didn't want to seem like odd man out and thanks and be rude...

    So I just ate and drank sparingly the soda.   That following Sunday on my free day, I just used that same time slot (dinner) to eat clean and therefore to me I felt it balanced out.

    So for me....Free Day has become just that, a day for me to adjust and balance out accordingly what I see fit.

    Eitherway....don't stress over it.  Make a decision, be happy with it and continue on the journey!  =)

    ~Marqui D. C1W7D47

  • All of these are great comments.  I would caution on the slippery slope nature of tweaking too much.  A one time slip up is just one time, fine...move on.  Please don't give yourself permission to make these choices too often.  Also have the courage to say  "Aww thanks so much but I can't eat that on my current nutrition plan."  I leave out the word "diet" as folks can urge you that "one time" won't hurt.  The more you let people know that you are making changes in your health, the less they should offer treats.  If they continue, then get firm and set real boundaries with them.

    It was a nice gesture from your friend and you have to let her know that you can't eat like that.

    I have seen too often on these forums of folks feeling uncomfortable turning down gifts of food or being intimidated by family meals and feeling pressure to eat unhealthy.  Decide right now what you want and if that donut, or liquid fat latte or breakfast burrito is what your body needs.  Making the right decision for yourself is better than any guilt you might feel later.  I have yet to read a post on these forums where somebody regretted turning down the offer of a piece of cake or whatever.

    Best wishes for health and discipline to you.