• With my sprained knee this week I have really had to make modifications to my workouts. But today I had an epiphany! I felt this great appreciation for my body and what it can do. I thought about all those times I would go do my cardio and just dread it! Now I wish I could do it at the same intensity as last week, but my injury will not allow it. I started to think about all those years I spent breaking my body down by being lazy and feeding myself garbage. Yet, no matter what kind of abuse I was putting my body through, it still gave back to me. My heart was pumping, my lungs  filling up with air, and all the other functions a body does. I just never appreciated it. My little brother has had a dozen surgeries in his 13 yrs of his life ranging from heart, back and chest surgeries and every day that he breathes is a miracle. Then again, every day that I breathe is a miracle. Every day that YOU breathe is a miracle! Our bodies give so much to us everyday so let's give our bodies something back. Let's fuel them, not just feed them! Let's build them up instead of break them down. Let's be dynomite about it. TNT! Today Not Tomorrow. I hope this message finds all of you healthy, and happy with the great feeling of pride and accomplishment that can only be found by making and achieving goals, like the Body-for-Life challenge. Remember, baby steps count too!!!

  • Foxy K - Congrats you are crossing the Abyss!   It's one thing to read about it, but until you can feel it from your core all the way through, then you'll know.

    I used to be in martial arts and one thing I find fun w/ cardio is training with sticks ( 2 2 1/2 -foot long dowels from Home Depot would do).   With these you can do arm twists, arm circles, rotations, etc.  Since you've got one injured leg, you can either just try to balance on 1 leg and do the arms, or heck just sit on a bench and keep working out the rest of your body.

    Another suggestion is you could lie on your back and for one of the intense minutes you could kick furiously with your strong leg.  

    Either way, I am happy for you.  Thank your little brother and let him know....."Thanks....you are an inspiration to me!"

    ~Marqui D.  C1W7D47

  • Cool that you "get it" without having a too bad of a wake up call, now take that gift and remember it!

    --- Kitty