Newbie but an oldie! Week 2 pics ( starting)

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    Hey BFLers!

    I did body for life in College, and didn't take pics or measurements, but I never lost a pound, stayed at 130lbs the entire time ( I'm 5'3") and I lost so many inches that a girl on campus asked if I had an eating disorder  because the change was so rapid! ( I didn't look emaciated, just very toned and lean)- anyway I had to prove to her what I was doing, and she asked me to weight myself in front of her because she didn't believe 130 lbs could look like I did- so ladies- stop paying so much attention to the scale and measure the inches! Easier said than done, I know I struggle with it too.


    I didn't take week 1 pics, so these are my starting pics- the cat wanted to be photographed too!  I'll have my husband retake them when he gets back in town this weekend. My measurements are as follows : Bust 35, waist 28, hips 37, biceps 11, thighs 21-22, calves 14.5. I'm gonna lose those inches like crazay!

    Good luck to everyone!



  • Wishing you success in this round of your BFL challenge.