week1 and week6 photos. Please tell me what you see. Thanks.

  • Hi lk55.  Congratulations on making it to week 6!  Not there myself yet, but wanted to comment on your pics.  If it would gain me any credibility, I am a physical therapist, so do have a trained eye, if not a very well-trained body right now!  First, it's too bad you don't have another person to take them for you.  It'd be even more dramatic I think if you were able to be in the very same position for each one.  But here's what I see, top to bottom:  Neck:  that little roll is gone :)  Torso and hips:  definitely firmer, smaller, clothing not cutting in as much :)  Tush:  Firmer, higher, smoother :)  Thighs:  Touching less, smaller :)  Calves and ankles:  smaller :)  Posture:  a little funky from your waist up because of how you twisted to hold the camera, BUT you have a narrower base of support (your feet are closer together) and you are standing more symmetrically despite your upper body being rotated :)  Finally:  You are running low on toilet paper, but the lighting is much improved ;D  

    Hope this helps!  Great job, and hang in there!


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  • Hard to see - the first photo is dark.  I am assuming they are in order? Are you feeling concerned that there isn't the "miracle" difference?  Please don't give up.  If you're staying on the nutrition program - and the exercise program...you can't fail.


  • @ Roni:  Thanks for the in depth analysis.  I did'n't notice many of the things you mentioned and I was feeling bummed at my progress which is why I posted the pics.  As far as the bathroom shots:  you are right!  Sorry! Iam not sure how to post pics on here and crop them...Ill try better next time.  Thanks again.

    @Sharon:  Thank you for responding.  Yes, they are in  order and yes I am feeling concerned that there is no "miracle" difference.  I see some some definition in my lower body but nothing on the upper body.  Thanks for the support!