Week 5- anyone else?

  • I'm interested in knowing how others are doing/ feeling in their week 5. 
    I started at about 143 lbs (I'm 5'9). I wear/ wore a size 8-10 in jeans. 

    So far, (and I have never measured myself or anything), I have A pair of pants that is noticeably looser, but for the most part, everything feels the same. I get compliments on my arms once in a while (from my hubby)  and I am usually sore. I'm finding it mentally harder to stay on track and I'm wanting to cheat more and more. 
    I still don't have any energy, which worries me, because I hear that weeks six and seven usually drain you.
    The only supplement I use is whey protein (2- 3x a day).
    I usually just eat chkn ***, lean ground turkey burgers and a little whole wheat bread, yogurt, and sometimes NY choice cut steak.
    Mentally I just wonder if I will see any difference at all within the next few weeks, apparently the big changes start around 8 weeks for women. We shall see in a few weeks,
    How is everyone else doing in week 5? 

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hey, Stacy.  I'm a few days shy of week 5 and honestly I'm not seeing any major changes @ this point but I'm feeling pretty good.  The past few days have been mentally challenging and I think that's b/c it's getting close to that time of month.. sorry guys.. and that's when I notice an increase in my desire for carbs.  So, I just keep reminding myself of my goals and stay focused.  I believe we'll both see the "8 week miracle" b/c from the hundreds of stories I've read, a lot of people have experienced the same thing we are going through right now.  I feel like I should be seeing some pretty big changes after nearly 5 weeks of intense cardio & weight training on top of eating so clean, but I'm being patient with this.  I committed to stick to this program and give it a shot so I'm keeping that promise to myself.  I usually lose weight in my upper body first and I have noticed some fat loss in the chest :-( and stomach :-) but I've also put on a solid 1.5 pounds.  On the energy part, just make sure you're eating a protein and carb at each meal.  My meals look something like this:

    *3-4 egg whites, 1 slice of ezekiel or genesis sprouted grain toast, 2 tsp of blackberry jelly, black coffee, water

    *EAS Lite RTD, water

    *3 ounces of deli turkey or chicken *** on 1 orrowheat sandwich round (the slices are ultra thin- so when I say one round that ='s 2 slices), green leaf lettuce, 1 slice of reduced fat swiss cheese, water before and after

    *EAS Lite RTD, water

    *3-4 ounces of fish or chicken w/ 1/3-1/2 c of brown rice, quinoa, black beans OR sweet potato (those are my favorite carbs), 1 cup of broccoli or green beans

    *Advantedge Edge Strawberry RTD, blend with ice and 2-3 strawberries (the edge drink is very low carb so that's why I add the strawberries- it's just like a strawberry icecream shake!!)

    Oh, my starting weight was 130 and I'm now @ 132 and have been for a couple of weeks, however, I've noticed my jeans are looser in the waist :-)  I'm sticking to body fat%.  I'm really not concerned with scale weight.  

    Hope this helps..


    ~Let every opposition strengthen you, not stop you~

  • And I'm also a size 8-10

    ~Let every opposition strengthen you, not stop you~

  • Stacy-remember the changes are occuring on the inside first; do you remember the post of the Paper Towel Theory? Big Al vs. Ed...

    I didn't see major changes til after week 8 or 9 so you have to have patience and you gotta BELIEVE!

    I would suggest you do measurements TODAY to mark the differences there for extra motivation. I measure my neck, bicep, chest, abs, waist, hips, thighs, and calves.  First challenge + 2wks AR I was -25# and -20 inches...if I would have stopped at week 5 or 7 or whenever I would not be where I am today.  So Please keep pushing forward.  Are you adding veggies to your meals, are you still drinking your water and staying away from those energy drinks??  YOU CAN DO THIS!! :)

    Andra-I like your idea for the strawberry shake, I get those low carb ones all the time and I have strawberries in the fridge so will try one tonight for last meal. Strawberry shakes are my favorite!!!!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Stacy - I feel your concern.  I re-read my journal entries and how I was feeling in week 5.  Like you I saw "some" improvements, but not what I wanted.  But thanks to all the measurement's I've taken, I've come to accept ANY improvement is a good thing.  So some quick stats.  I'm 5'6" Male, and I started at 210.6, Size 38 loose and blood pressure about 136/100.

    So now in week seven I still haven't changed my height, my weight is 202.0, size 34 tight with muffin tops! and get this blood pressure is 120/80!!!

    So yes I'm not where I want to be, but this challenge isn't done yet.  I broke this challenge down to 3 parts.  Weeks 1-4 was just to do it and get something on record.  Weeks 5-8 is to improve on what's on record and finally weeks 9-12 are going to test me and see what I've got.

    Now I weigh myself constantly take my morning weight and goodnight weight, and although I want it to drop quicker, it doesn't bother me as much now because there is a range.  I fluctuate 1-3 pounds daily and now I have totally said good-bye to 205 and above. I guess that's the hardest thing.  It's hard to say good-bye and it's a challenge to say hello.

    So it's good bye 205 and I right now am striving to say hello to 199.  But at the same time I am striving to say hello to Waist 32, hello to 120/80 wait I achieved that -so welcome 120over 80, good bye to muffin tops and good-bye/hello to Day 46 and Day 47 respectively.

    What I am starting to learn and feel (heard all the words before but never truly FELT them) is to just take one day at a time, give it my best and then we'll accept whatever happens after 12 weeks, because I will know I gave it my best.

    And heck after Challenge 1 is done I already know what I am going to do.  Probably take the rest of the summer off, goof off and go jet skiing, mountain biking, get back to distance running, etc and then come August I'm gonna start Challenge 2.  For what I've learned from others is this isn't some quick fix.  Like the program says, it's For life...and yup I welcome this and everyone else on this site and doing the challenge into my life.

    Oh one thing on the tiredness.  You're tired because you are exhausting a lot of mental energy as well.  Between life's obligations and this program with the meals, scheduling, work out's etc.  Yes it does drain you.   So on your free day, think of it more than just "free food" or whatever, this is a great day to just relax you mental muscle as well.  It needs a breather break.  Look for "low impact" brain activity on this day!

    Thanks for listening....thanks for sharing....hope this helps!

    ~Marqui D. C1W7D46

  • Oh Andra

    I like the AdvantEdge Shakes as well.  I wish I could find the strawberry ones, but usually they just have the vanilla and choc flavors.   Strawberries seem to be onsale everywhere so usually I'll just cut up two strawberries and eat those with the shake.

  • Here is my week 5 journal entry.  I was very much in the same place as you are.  Week 5 was by far the hardest week for me!

    "I am not going to lie.  I feel this week has been a disaster! I have struggled to my eating plan and I have not given 100% on my workouts. I don't know what's up. I really think this is when my body is predisposed to quit. This is when I give up and go back to just plain old cradio every other time. So the purpose of this entry is to talk myself into sticking with it. I could use some encouragement right now.

    Okay, so last week I took measurements so I know I am making progress. But I still feel fat! My clothes fit a bit better but they are still a size bigger than I normally wear. I can't fit into my old jeans yet. :( I know I could just starve and cardio myself into them faster than this program but I still wouldn't be happy. I am starting to get stronger and am showing definition in my arms (just a little but I like the curves from the muscles!). And most of all is my butt! I've always had a flat shapless butt and I can physically see it lifting and shaping. That was the biggest difference from week 1 to week 4.

    I have a 1/2 day so I am going to go home, walk the dog and then hit my UB workout full force! I do plan to stick with this. My fear is June will arrive and I will not have got the results I am looking for and it will be too late to starve and cardio myself back for summer. But I've seen the results on others so I guess if I don't it'll be my fault for not giving 100%.

    So basically week 5 has not been a total loss. I did get my workouts in even if they were not to the intensity as the prior weeks. And I didn't eat that poorly  but I did indulged in some sugary snacks at the office. I'm going to keep plugging away and trust this is going to work!"

  • Heather-

    I feel like you ripped a page out of my journal- This is EXACTLY what I'm going through. I feel  like I am just going through the motions at this point and trying to get my head in the right place every day. Only my arms show real difference, the rest... well.... hopefully is coming.

    Marqui- I loved what you wrote- it truly sounded like an inspiration letter straight from the book! I'm rooting for you!

    Debbie- lolol!! yes- I save the energy drinks for free days only now!  :)

    Stacy Lynn

  • This is very helpful to me as well. I'm nearing the end of my fifth week and this week alone i've had people at church to ask if i was feeling well cause "i looked exhausted" and took a nap another day cause i've been so drained. i've been trying to figure out what i've been doing wrong but now i see this is just a phase that is normal. Thanks.

  • I  would like to offer my perspective.... Each change even the little ones are like puzzle pieces. As you gather youll see the whole puzzle. At first with just those few pieces its hard to tell what the puzzle is. Each week they will add up and before you know it youll have all the pieces. I think this plan is like a snowball effect but in reverse. it will take time but once you gain momentum nothing will stop you. Stay positive and driven focused. I know its discourageing.....But you will see. Positive thinking will help your drive. otherwise you feel  like giving up which you dont want to do. You can absolutely do this and you will do this. Just keep reminding yourself of this and keep your futurevision of yourself in your mind....


  • I just started week 5 yesterday - I see slight changes but not as much as I thought I would by now.  I know I am doing it a much healthier way than I have in the past but the weight is coming of so much slower.  I actually did take pictures yesterday to compare and things are tightening up here and there but I have a LONG way to go and was a bit dissappointed that it still shocked me how big I got.  

  • LL- Same here. I took pics a couple days ago- I am on Transformation.com as Stacy 815. Yu can post your pics there. I see some minimal changes, but changes none the less. Thats good, right??

    Stacy Lynn

  • Ugh, I hear you about the low energy. I feel like I'm dragging and have no energy for anything extra. I'm following the program exactly and am getting plenty of food and supplements. I didn't know that weeks six and seven are like that for others. I'm just starting week six, so that's good to know. Week five was really hard for me, but I got through it hoping that I'd start feeling increased energy soon....I'm tired of waiting. I'm starting to see some physical changes, but most of my changes are internal. At this point the most important thing is my energy level. I just want to feel good.

  • Hi Stacy! I am one inch taller than you and 100lbs heavier. I haven't weighed 140's since probably 5th or 6th grade? This is not a pity party of one, just putting in perspective that there aren't a lot of fat layers for you to shed. They say "don't look at the numbers on the scale to judge your progress". Well it isn't just an emotional suggestion, it is also practical. My guess is that you will gain muscle more than lose fat overall because there isn't that much fat to get rid of! Man, its a good place to be where you are. You may not get instant gratification from dropping a ton of fat, but in 12 weeks I am sure you will look smokin'. People with a body like mine will see changes dramatically and quickly in comparison, but only because fat is "fluffy" and muscle is dense:you gain or lose fat quicker than you gain or lose muscle. I think that's what the "8wk miracle" is all about, and it might be slightly tiring to have new big strong muscles burning your calories. So stick it out :-D and keep getting those healthy meals in because your body is on the verge of burning some serious fuel!