Photoshop fun

  • I'm at the end of week 5 and I have been taking pictures each week, in the same pair of shorts and in the same location in my house.  I make sure that the camera is in about the same place each time.

    It is quite encouraging for me to take my Day 1 picture and superimpose it on my current photo and adjust the blending levels in photoshop so that the two pictures line up and I can see the ghost of fat past as my new photo falls within the outline of my old one.

    If you want to do this make sure that you resize the photos consistently so that your height is consistent.  When lining up the photos on top of each other, I pick something consistent like my shoulders as a registration mark.

    Your arm and leg position will undoubtedly be different  in the pictures.  If you are just starting this though you can put marks on the floor to center your feet as much as possible so that more of your body will line up in the superimposed pictures.   When I hit the end of the challenge I'll post my example.




  • Cool!  I would like to see that.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Me too! That sounds interesting, I thought about doing that too.

    Stacy Lynn