Rhonda's Journey - Updates, Questions, and Thoughts...

  • Salsa and chips!!!!!

    My exercise is going great. I can see a difference in my weight lifting already.  The food part is harder.  No that I am doing bad with eating...just not sticking to the BFL plan.  Today was actually my free day and the food I ate was blah!  That is good news b/c it is a motivator for me to stick to quality foods that are prepared well w/o a lot of additives.  (the salsa and chips did not fall into the bla category. I do make my salsa from scratch with fresh ingredients and eat the baked chips...but chips are chips...baked or not!..I think these will stay on my "free" day for some time to come. LOL)

    Our gym is starting a March Meltdown tomorrow. I signed up to participate b/c they offer nutrition consultation and you have a personal trainer to work with 2x a week for the next 4 weeks - in a small group.  It will be nice to have a group of people motivating each other during the month of March.  

    I already have a workout partner and I think that is why my workouts are going well.  She will be part of the March Meltdown group too.  I am hoping to get a grip on the food choices and intake with this local challenge.

    So, I am still truckin away... trying to get it done.

    Andy, My BFL journal just arrived last week so that may be helpful too. I was using printouts from the website which are ok, but I think it may be helpful having the journal.  I did order it from ebay so I had to white out the first 2 weeks b/c the previous owner wrote on them..but she basically wrote in the "planning" sections.. .not the "actual" section.

    I have been taking my picture every day (every other day in some instances) but I already see a little bit of a difference at my waist.  I want to create an iMovie with all the pictures when i am done to "see" the transformation in just a quick minute.  This is helping me to focus too.

    Challenge on!

  • I am here!  I have been without my computer for over a week...so happy to have it back. What did we do without all this technology before?

    I am still plugging along.  The diet is what I am struggling with most but working hard to correct it.  Exercise is going well.  We actually have a March Meltdown challenge at our local gym.  It includes 4 group talks with nutritionist, 2 workouts a week with a personal trainer (small group) and other challenges to earn "points."  I love the personal training sessions - it is kicking my butt and showing me that I can "up" what  I am doing on my own.  

    Just wanted to check in ... I am here and still going strong!

    Peace and Kindness.

  • Ronda,

    I'm starting Sunday.  I am 48 and did this challenge in 2006 with a weight loss total of over 30 lbs.  This time I will reach my goal and maintain it!  Keep posting and good luck!

  • Hello Melinda.  Good Luck with your start. I also completed this challenge with great results in the past.  So, we both know it can be done.  The challenge lays in getting and keeping our minds in the right place to keep living the challenge.  I have really enjoyed Bill Phillips newest venture "Transformation"... his new website is www.transformation.com  You may find the community support over there to be beneficial. I also like the 'mindset' chapters in his Transformation book too.  It feels like the missing link to Body for Life.  Keep me posted on your progress.