1 Mo comparison Pic qual not so good.

  • Well My weight is 180 it was about 186 at beginning.  Not much Change.  I still have a lot of work to do before show time.  Feel pretty good about progress so far.  I just have to keep hitting it hard everyday in the Gym, Diet, and Caridio.  Stay Motivated everyone.  Input is very welcome. 

  • Man you look good!

  • I think your progess is great, keep moving forward. Remember the precontest techniques of some of the pros and that might help as well. (low fat, less water if possible, lower the salt intake more etc).

  • Thanks for the input.  I actually have a trainer who is a bodybuilder and will be giving me contest prep as well as my diet up to the day of the of show.

  • I don't see much difference in a month but man you were already in great shape!

  • I can't tell which ones are the befores and which are afters?

  • Sorry The quality of the pics are not that good.