Week 1 over!! Results: -3lbs

  • So call me crazy, extra motivated or both but I hit the door running when I started this challenge. I love Bill's program but I tweaked it a little. I love cardio now, love moving and getting my heart going so I do cardio everyday instead of 3x a week. Its been 9 days since I officially started and Im already seeing a 3 lb weight loss! That is so motivating and crazy and Im so excited by it that it makes me want to push harder. Ive changed my diet, Im working out everyday and I feel great. I dont know why I had so many excuses before this challenge why I had gotten out of shape but now I know theres no excuse. I cant wait to see where this journey takes me. Im building and transforming from the inside out and I know this is the best decision Ive made.


    Go WEEK 1! Im 3 lbs lighter and its just the beginning!!!

  • Congratulations.  Remember to keep that feeling.  Your weight at some point will fluctuate so do not rely on the scale too much or it will discourage you.  Rely more on the inches lost and how your cloths fit.  Good job on a great start. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • There are people who like cardio :O  I've seen it all now!

    Anyways, good work so far.

  • I'm with you! Week one finished yesterday and I feel amazing. I'm also down 3lbs but started much heavier then I have been over the last 12mo so I am still not feeling myself. I fractured my back in January and really replaced a lot of muscle with fat very quickly... yuk

    Anyway week 1 feels great.

    Any suggestion for lower body killer workouts? I want to feel the burn more :o)

  • I like the squats but you can check this website for ideas:


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Great job on week one!!  Write down how you feel and read it often to keep yourself motivated!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • I am on day 11. i think its great that you are so positive and motivated. thats how i feel too. I keep a journal and write every day in it. Encourageing myself. I also find the posts here great!!!! Congrats on a great start!!!!


  • That is amazing! I started the program last Monday the 19th of April and when I took measurements on the following Sunday I had lost 11lbs and 2 inches of my belly. I was 390 when I started and now I am 379. It feels unreal, but that is why I speak to everyone so intensely about BFL.

    My work started a one month verison of The Biggest Loser. I told my co-workers that I have an unfair advantage...BFL!


  • I love the spit and fire of a new Body-for-Life believer!

    During week 2 I did cardio, and abs -  everyday.

    I didn't really lose anymore weight. I did lose weight, but not really much more then week 1.

    I noticed my fatigue levels were higher toward end of week 2.

    On top of that, I wasn't getting enough sleep.

    Long distance endurance requires balance and control.

    If a long distance runner starts the race with a strong sprint, to grab the lead early, usually will not place - or worse, not finish.

    The shrewd runner will save the all out sprint, for the back end stretch to the finish line, and, often times collapse to the ground winded, and in shear exhaustion.

    It is better to start out conservative, then build up wind and endurance - slowly increasing activity week by week, monitoring carefully fatigue levels. When you wake up in a few days exhausted, and feeling like you need more sleep, and, feeling motivation slip away - you will know exactly what I am talking about.

    I believe none of us here, want to collapse on the wrong side of the finish line. Right?

    Your heart is in the right place. And, I admire your spirit!

    Keep up the good work!

    Remember, we all are on a path of discovery of body's, minds, and spirit!

    Not to mention special incites we gain, and the special wisdom - that only those looking in through the glass will never know.

    We, here, are all looking forward to your inner, as well as your outer - TRANSFORMATION.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Hey Sampsons girl.. Thats really great.. Keep going..

    I am in Day 4 today.. keep having fun.. don't let the spirit go..

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • I'm just starting week 3 and am feeling great! I was a runner before beginning the challenge, usually completing 3-6mil runs 3x a week, so the 20min interval training can seem a little short to me although i hit my 10 no doubt (8.6 on the tread @ a min is my high point so far) I just add a 20min inclined walk or slow jog after I finish the HIIT workout for a little extra fat burn.

    I have my UBWO tonight and can't wait!

    Any input on Pure Protein bars? I've fallen in love with them and are eating 2 on most days...

  • Hooray!!! I love it when people post about their progress!!!!

    Stacy Lynn