Why do I have a belly now?

  • I am about 3 1/2 weeks in to the program. I have gained weight, not lost it, but I am trying to not be discouraged because my pictures show positive results. The other issue I have is that since I started my belly has started to stick out a little. What is up with that?  I started out at 120 lbs and now I weigh 126. I've gained 6 lbs in 3 weeks and now the belly!?!?

  • Are you eating more of certain foods that you aren't used to eating? Is it actual fat on your belly or is it inflammation or swelling? I ask because anytime I change my diet and start including or eating more of certain foods that I am sensitive to I will look good-n-pregnant... like with meat, dairy and especially coconut.. just a thought. I know your frustration, trust me :-/

  • Post ur pics so we can see and encourage you.... Might seem like a silly question.... But Is there any chance at all that u are pregnant?

  • Thanks Mrs, I was thinking the same thing, but I didn't want to be the first one to say it and it being like a typical thing a guy would say lol...

    Sandrine, the other thing I was thinking, do you have any pain or anything in your stomach?  Reason I ask is my sister in law was eating lots of seeds and had them actually stuck in her stomach and intestines like little darts, very serious and was hospitalized.  Just want to make sure that you check all things.

    When I talked about gaining inches on my belly, I went back to look at measurements and noticed the change for me was 2" but then went down back down slowly over the following three weeks.

  • Nope! No chance at being pregnant!  I can feel muscle in there so I think that maybe the fat is just being pushed out by the muscle that I am developing. I just don't know for sure.

  • I don't have any pain. I did have a problem with seeds and nuts at one time in my life. It is really painful. I watch it now and don't eat much of them and when I do I chew them well. I will try taking measurements over the next few weeks and see what happens!


  • I am sure if your pics show progress, as well as measurements, it may just be your body adjusting to the new lifestyle.  Sometimes upping fiber is enough to do that.  If you can feel the muscle in there, then just keep doing what you are doing, and don't bother with the scale.  I weigh once a week, and that is probably too much.  Keep your focus, hit your 10's and follow the clean eating outlined in the program, and I am sure you will be seeing very nice changes in the near future.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I was so glad to see your post since I "suffer" from the same little problem.

    First of all, if you don't mind me asking ... how old are you?

    Secondly, have you heard about how hormones will affect our bodies and will start to put fat on our bellies even if we've never had that type of body before?

    If you read Debra Waterhouse's nutrition books; Outsmart the Female Fat Cell" and the one that followed that about the midlife female fat cell, she talks about that happening.

    Personally, it has become a reality for me. Until the last few years I always have had a nice flat, fat free belly ... if I gained a few pounds it would be felt on my bottom or my thighs .... but now ... my belly has gotten a lovely little pillow of softness that DOES NOT WANT TO BUDGE. ( dammit)

    I have been doing the BFL program very faithfully and I have shrunken a little bit but I still have "gush" on my belly. No matter what I do it doesn't want to budge. I don't even want to talk about it on the forums anymore because everyone automatically assumes that I am eating too much or eating the wrong foods  ... and that is NOT the case. It just bugs me more when people basically say that it must be my fault.

    SORRY ...  but it isn't. I weight right around 120 and I"m 5'5" so I'm not overweight. I've weighed more when I've had more muscle and had no fat on my belly.

    SO, I am writing all of this to say that hormones do affect us. It is sad to say but it's true. It is possible that is bloating or some other problem for you but there is the fact that hormones will cause our bodies to store fat on our bellies, even if that was never a favorite storage spot in the past. You may want to read about it.

    I hope it helps to hear that it may just NOT be YOUR FAULT. It stinks to hear that when you're doing the program faithfully.

    I hope you continue the program because it is a good program and the eating plan it good overall. Please don't give up.

    Other thoughts that you might want to consider ... is it fat or is it bloating? If it's bloating then you may benefit from digestive enzymes or figuring out what foods may be bothering you. If it's fat then keep on doing the hard work you're doing with the exercise, keep on eating healthy and trust that your body will do what is best for it.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say that Debra Waterhouse writes about how the belly fat that we can get during menopause is a benefit to us hormonally. We hate it but it may just be our friend. A friend who is hard to embrace but one who is on our side  anyway..

    Please give yourself credit for all you're doing and keep up the good work.