11 lbs in two weeks?

  • Question..I just ended my 2nd week of the challenge, I weighed myself today and it said I lost 11lbs. I don't know if this is just water weight? Also I know that it's healthy to loose 1lb a week so if I really lost 11lbs is that safe?

  • Greetings Acerbis,  I would almost bet that a good percentage of that weight loss is indeed water weight with some fat weight included (perhaps 2-3 lbs).  Most experts agree that up to 2.5lbs of loss per week is the normal during exercise/ healthy eating programs(notice I didn't say diet just know). So hang in there but don't let the scale discourage you in the upcoming weeks because remember you will probably be adding some muscle along with that fat loss during the BFL cycle.

  • Good Afternoon WPBill!  Good I am pleased to hear that! Lol, thanks for not using the word diet. Never cared for the word...too restrictive and unpleasant. Thank you for the encouragement I am really needing it at the moment (even though I've dropped some lbs).  

  • Hello Acerbis,

    I also lost 11 ibs my first two weeks and I am currantly on week 4. The wieght laose has gone down some but I see visible muscle mass weight gain already so I am OK with the low wieght lose. Just keep going your body will handle the rest.


  • I lost 6lbs my first week and then 5 in my second, from there it declined to about 2-3 a week.  I've been told that if you have quite a bit of excess weight to lose, you will lose a lot right at first because your body is not used to the healthy food or exercise.  After that it adjusts and you will likely lose the weight at a slightly more normal rate.  It's nothing to worry about.