JUST OVER A YEAR!!!!!!!... WITH PICS!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing!! Well done :)

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • Dude you look awesome, but my eyes must be playing tricks on me your tatoos seem to be on different arms. Man I need to go eat something.

  • I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments.. They really mean a lot to me.

    Now let me explain the tattoos.. A few of you have been curious why they look like they are on opposite arms... My before picture was taken by a family member with her camera.. My after picture was taken with my cell phone by me in the mirror.. So by taking my picture in the mirror the image is reversed.  I hope that makes sense..

    Again thank you for all nice comments.. :)

  • Dude having looked at your after photos has given me the motivation i needed to get out of my slump in week 2, so come Monday morning all systems go. The gyming is great but the nutrition is letting me down. But you look fit and strong keep it up and well done

  • Good lord! damn I been at it over a year already but still haven't achieved what you have Im getting there and wont stop till i get there.. Truly inspiring!! persistence pays off!! Thanks for this post!

  • Awesome!!!!  Holy Crap Awesome work!  Good for you - and thanks for the encouraging words - yes - it is an 84 day challenge but this is all for a lifestyle change!  You must feel on top of the world!

  • Wow wow wow!!!  You look fantastic!!  Great job!

  • Wow...amazing transformation!

  • Great Job!! That is just incredible.

  • You look absolutely amazing! What dedication you must have!

  • Amazing! Great Job!!

  • wow thats insane. good work. keep it up

  • WOW! you look amazing, if I may say smoking hot ;) great job this really motivates me to stick with it, thank you for sharing.

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • WOW dude! Props. You went from zero to WHOA you got abs bro! haha thats what i want to do. What kind of ab workouts did you do?

  • Awesome transformation! I'm feeling inspired!