JUST OVER A YEAR!!!!!!!... WITH PICS!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow! Inspirational on my very first day...Great job!!!!

    When the world says, "Give up,"
    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    ~Author Unknown

  • WOW! Way to go dude! You look awesome! I would like to have a body like that. Did you have any issues with loose skin? It sure doesn't look like it. I lost 270 pounds and have tons of loose skin issues. I still can't see my abs though. That is my goal.

  • HOLY... wow!!! You dont even look like the same person!!! I started BFL today and we all know how motivation can dwindle after the first few days. This is EXACTLY what I need to remind me every couple of days until I actually get in the habit of being healthy. Thanks so much and congrats!

  • Outstanding Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother keep up the Good work.  I know it must feel amazing to look back on that Journey.  Great Job and know that your journey will inspire many others.   God Bless.

  • You go boy!!!

  • bcollins2012,

    After looking at your before and after pics all I can say is "WOW"!!!!  What an "AMAZING" transformation!!!  I've been at it for 8 weeks now and those pics will keep me going for the next 4 weeks and beyond!!!  

    I was just curious to how tall you are and your weight and body fat % at the time of those after pics.  I've been trying to get a mental pic of how I want to look at a particular weight and body fat %.  I'm a tall guy at 6'2" with a large frame and I'm shooting for about 216 lbs with 15% body fat even though the BMI claims I should be no more than 193 lbs.  I feel 216lbs would be healthy with 15% body fat.  

    Anyways, thanks again for all the inspiration!!!

  • Great pictures... How do you get your tattoos to move from your left arm to your right?

  • Awesome!,,,,what a great job!

    Im on my 3rd week, cant wait for my first-90day results!

    again,,Great Job!

    Thnx for the Inspiration!!

    We Appreciate it!!

  • As far as the tattoos go, my before pictures were taken by someone.. My after pictures were taken by myself in front of my bathroom room with my cell phone. That's how the tattoos switched arms.

    Thank you for all of the compliments everyone.. It's now going on 15 months and I am still just as motivated as i was when i started..


  • Woops.. "Pictures were taken in front of my bathroom mirror"..

  • Aha... Good job, well done man!

  • Great job man!

  • Dude!!! Freakin' awesome!!  Good for you that is fantastic. Thank you for the motivation :)

  • I don't think it gets any better!!  You have truly transformed!

  • Hello:  You handsome hunk of male!  Hubba Bubba!!!  Great Job! In case you can't hear me I'm giving you a whistle!!  Whit! Woo!!